Days Gone controversy: “sold more than Ghost of Tsushima, but Sony …”

The director of Days Gone with a straight leg on the celebrations for the 8 million of Ghost of Tsushima, recalling the treatment received by Bend Studio.

In a tweet, the director of Days Gone Jeff Ross has argued with the recent Ghost of Tsushima sales celebration. On the occasion of CES 2022, where PlayStation VR 2 was also presented, Sony announced that the Sucker Punch title has reached 8 million copies sold since the July 2020 release. The news was relaunched on social media and by prints with great enthusiasm, a treatment that didn’t go down well with Ross, who remarked that those figures are even lower than Days Gone’s – at the time considered, however, “a disappointment”.

The controversy –

Jeff Ross worked at Bend Studio, Days Gone’s software house, for twenty years, before leaving the Oregon studio in late 2020, shortly after the post-apocalyptic open world came out. Also for this reason, he has seen fit to remove a pebble from his shoes, commenting on his Twitter profile the news of the 8 million copies sold by Ghost of Tsushima (another PlayStation exclusive). “When I left Sony, Days Gone had been out for a year and a half (and a month), and had sold over 8 million copies,” explained Ross, sharing a news story about the samurai game for PS4 and PS5 with a bitter tone. . “Since then, it has continued to sell, and then a million and passes on Steam. Local management always made us feel like it was a great disappointment “.

The problems of Days Gone –

Days Gone has had a rather troubled development. The first new IP of the Siphon Filter studio in many and perhaps too many years, had seen the team ‘promoted’ to home consoles after the success of the Uncharted spin-off for PS Vita. This step was not particularly smooth and it had a noticeable technical impact on the game, launched with problems of obvious frame rates, bugs, as well as an open world and mission structure that at the time had been the subject of not very flattering reviews.

Revenge –

This had led to Sony’s refusal to give the green light to a sequel to the game, following which the top executives (including Ross, who blamed those who didn’t buy the original at launch) abandoned Bend Studio. However, the software house has got to work on a new intellectual property, another open world that should be based on dynamics similar to those of Days Gone and, ultimately, on the experience accumulated during its development. The game still got its ‘revenge’: launch on PC of 18 May 2021 made it a small cult, with “very positive” reviews left by Steam users.

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Days Gone controversy: “sold more than Ghost of Tsushima, but Sony …”

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