“But who is this steak?” at the presentation on Rai. The rest is history

It was Gilberto Evangelisti, a historic sports journalist, who uttered a joke destined to “baptize” forever a 24-year-old Giampiero Galeazzi

The nickname “Bisteccone” has a date and place. Via del Babuino, in the center of Rome, the road that connects Piazza di Spagna to Piazza del Popolo. It is 1970. Giampiero Galeazzi is 24 years old and he is a talent of rowing, but he dreams of being a journalist and telling about the sport. All this after winning a couple of gold medals in the Italian rowing championships. That day, however, he was recruited by his Radio colleague Renato Venturini to play a doubles tennis. “Join me at the Rai headquarters, so I can introduce you to my colleagues in sport”, he tells him. The palace was in Via del Babuino, where the Hotel de Russie is today. Giampiero enters, introduces himself, shakes everyone’s hand, introduces himself well, except that he is tall, massive and with two shoulders like that. At that point Gilberto Evangelisti, a historic sports journalist, squares him from head to toe and says to his friend Renato: “Who is this steak?”. The rest is history.

In 2000…

The curtain had been told by Galeazzi himself to the Journal, in an interview dated January 14, 2019 published on “Fuorigioco”. Giampiero passed away today at the age of 75 after a long illness. In addition to his nickname, we remember the commentary, the interviews on the pitch, the championship parties of the various teams he followed as a Rai correspondent. In one of these, a fan calls him “Bisteccone” live on TV. On 14 May 2000 Lazio – a team of which he has always been a fan – won his second championship thanks to a 3-0 win over Reggina at home and the defeat of Juve in the flood in Perugia. Galeazzi was at the Foro Italico to follow the tennis internationals, but the news followed: Lazio champion of Italy. “I left the station, took the crew and went to Viale dei Gladiatori involving everyone. I risked being sacked, but I was too excited by the second championship triumph. My colleagues were all in Perugia, I was on the bus to mount the service done “. On YouTube there is still the video: Galeazzi frames the radio, Cucchi’s voice announces the title, then a fan embraces him in tears: “My big steak…”.

With Mara

One of the first posts in his honor came from Mara Venier: “My big steak, a piece of my life goes away”. The two have always been linked. Always at Journal, Galeazzi told of when she invited him to Domenica In. Summer ’94, New York, during the World Cup: “I was already leading 90th minute, she was good at gradually throwing me into the show”. Someone in Rai went sideways, but Mara stuck: “Don’t touch me Bisteccone eh …”. One of her last television appearances was from her, January 2019, Domenica In. There she had told about the difficulties related to diabetes: “He is my travel companion. A deadly disease “. Then he used the rowing metaphor: “I’m in the last 500 meters. It means that one turns around and controls the rivals. I’ll see who’s with me ”. And Mara: “I do”.

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“But who is this steak?” at the presentation on Rai. The rest is history

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