Battlefield 2042 update fixes bugs but “breaks” the mouse

The latest update corrects over 150 problems between maps, weapons and Specialists, but adds a bizarre one (for which there is already a “homemade” solution).

One of the most important things to do in shooters is to aim with your weapons. On consoles, it is possible to do this with the analog stick, while on the PC the mouse is designed for this purpose. Unfortunately, the latest update of Battlefield 2042 broke horizontal mouse pointing for some players, who can look up and down but not to the sides of the screen. This is just one of many user problems that developer DICE is trying to remedy after last month’s launch.

The False Start of Battlefield 2042 –

Battlefield 2042 is a good game but had several problems with the original release, which include (but are not limited to) the inability to revive teammates if they are too close to walls and hit detection. , quite poor. 150 of these problems, according to DICE, they have already been fixed between the first and second patch, and other updates are expected in the coming weeks to eliminate even more (in addition to adding features). However, the updates appear to be adding more problems, in addition to removing the existing ones.

The solution –

This new problem only affects you if you play on PC. Basically, several users have found that, after installing the latest update, they are no longer able to aim left and right, remaining stuck in the vertical view of the game. While waiting for an update to fix the problem officially, DICE makes it known that to solve the problem it is enough delete the “PROFSAVE” file in the Battlefield 2042 Settings folder found in Documents on your PC. Once this is done, you should be able to turn around and aim regularly, although this will not necessarily improve your game performance …

Weekly missions and news –

But not just problems for Battlefield 2042. Weekly missions have just been introduced, with a total of three different missions each week. Players who finish all available missions that week will earn a unique cosmetic reward. In addition, some new layouts of the Racing game mode, as well as new templates and options have been added to the Battlefield Portal. The patch will also bring several UI improvements in and out of gameplay, with over 150 fixes, tweaks and minor gameplay improvements, including changes for maps, weapons, vehicles and Specialists.

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Battlefield 2042 update fixes bugs but “breaks” the mouse

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