Arms and money for Hezbollah? The Iranian wallets unleash the conspiracy theorists

The Iranian national team has landed in Beirut for the match against Lebanon overloaded with baggage. Interior Minister forced to open an investigation to deny rumors of aid to the Lebanese Party of God, funded by Iran

A click posted on Twitter was enough to unleash a political storm. True, when it comes to the Middle East, the fuse is always short, but this time the power of social media has gone further. Last week in Sidon Iran defeated Lebanon 2-1 in a match valid for qualifying in Qatar 2022. So far, nothing strange, given that Team Melli (the equivalent of our “Azzurri” for the Persians) is at the head of the group and has the pass for the World Cup now in his pocket. The news is what happened the day before, when the national team of the Islamic Republic landed at Beirut airport, coming from Tehran. To make part of the Lebanese population suspicious, in fact, were the numerous and bulky suitcases that players and staff had with them.


Now what happens on social media, whether one or a thousand of them add fuel to the fire – fake news or proven facts doesn’t matter – becomes reality with a few likes or retweets. Here then is that the release of the Iranians pushing the overloaded trolleys immediately triggered the political controversy. “They are taking advantage of it to bring weapons or money to Hezbollah” was the accusation, which had such an echo as to force the Lebanese Interior Minister, Bassam Mawlawi, to contact the airport security chief to have him open an investigation to about. “Anyone who enters Lebanon – said an airport customs manager to the Arab News site – is free to carry as much luggage as they want”. “We are a football team – said a manager of the Iranian national team – We came to play a game, we do not comment on political issues”. The screenwriter and actor Ziad Itani, very popular in Lebanon, also spoke on the matter: “It is shameful, a disguised act of racism – he wrote on his social profile – We are talking about a team that needs to bring equipment and food with them. and everything that can serve him. What happened is really unpleasant “. In fact, the away match for the Iranians then continued in Jordan, where yesterday, on a neutral field, they overcame Syria 3-0.


The Hezbollah, or “Party of God”, is a Lebanese Islamist paramilitary organization, founded in 1982 and later also become a Shiite political party that currently controls the vast majority of the country, funded by Iran, one of the very few nations in the country. region, with Iraq and Bahrain, where the Shiite religion dominates over the Sunni one. After the explosion at the port of Beirut in August 2020 which, in addition to causing 214 deaths, aggravated the economic crisis in which Lebanon was already sinking, the tensions between Hezbollah and the other political forces are at levels close to those that led to the civil war of the 70s.

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Arms and money for Hezbollah? The Iranian wallets unleash the conspiracy theorists

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