Yankees and White Sox, fairytale challenge in the field of dreams

Tonight in Iowa there is a regular season game in the diamond made famous by the film with Costner “The Man of Dreams”

Kevin Costner will also be there, not the deep voice of James Earl Jones, author of a creepy monologue in the wonderful film “The Man of Dreams” – original title, much more focused, “Field of Dreams – tonight in Dyersville, small town Iowa of four thousand souls in the middle of nowhere, made famous by the 1989 feature film based on the book by WP Kinsella and still considered today one of the two Hollywood cornerstones of cinema with baseball as the subject (the other, always starring Costner, is Bull Durham). There will be above all the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees, who will play a match valid for the regular season of the MLB.


An idea born a few years ago, which should have taken shape last summer before Covid turned the world upside down. The plot of the film is fairytale: one evening Ray Kinsella (Costner), an Iowa farmer, while walking on his corn plantation, he hears a voice saying to him: “If you build it, he will come back”. He thinks he is dreaming, but when he feels it, he decides to invest all his savings and builds a diamond behind his house. He soon discovers the reason: Shoeless Joe Jackson materializes on the pitch one evening and with him the other seven players of the historic White Sox formation, who in 1919 were banned for life on charges of having sold a World Series match (for this reason were nicknamed Black Sox). The choice of one of the two teams is therefore obvious, while the other, the Yankees, is linked to the fact that it is one of the franchises present since the birth of the league, as well as the most successful with 27 titles.

the diamond

The playing field is located in the middle of a 65-acre cornfield, the standard size of a regular major baseball stadium. 8000 lucky spectators will be able to attend the match, after winning a lottery that allowed them to purchase the precious tickets.

“It will be interesting – said White Sox pitcher Liam Hendriks – I will definitely take a walk in the corn maze. I want to get lost there in the middle “. The league has in fact built it between the parking lot and the stadium and the public will have to walk through it to get to the diamond, recreating the magical atmosphere of the film, with the Black Sox players peeking out from the corn plants. “I have always appreciated the history of baseball – said White Sox manager Tony La Russa – Field of Dreams is a great film (it was nominated for an Oscar, ed.), It speaks of the values ​​of sport, of the family, of the meaning of baseball. We are all excited to play this match ”.


The last words, by right, to Earl Jones’ fantastic monologue: “The only constant in all these years has been the game of baseball. America has been overwhelmed by a thousand steamroller, it has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and re-erased, but baseball has marked the time, this field this game, they are part of our past, they remind us of everything that was once good , and it could be again. “

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Yankees and White Sox, fairytale challenge in the field of dreams

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