Under the snow Green Bay returns to win. Tampa Bay and Arizona, the fall of the big names

Seattle knocked out at Lambeau Field, Tennessee even surpasses New Orleans. On Monday Night there is San Francisco-Los Angeles Rams

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Rodgers returns, and Green Bay returns to win, under the snow. Tampa and Arizona collapse in a thunderous way, Tennessee quietly continues to make the pitch talk. These are the titles of the tenth Sunday Nfl, Monday Night is San Francisco-Los Angeles Rams.

The returns of Rodgers, post Covid, and Wilson, post injury. Snow at Lambeau Field. Teams of quality and tradition against. The ingredients for an unforgettable challenge were all there. A defensive match has emerged. The Packers defense dominated, inflicting Wilson’s first ever defeat with no points on the scoreboard. The greens intercepted him twice in the end zone, with King and Amos, the sack against him were 3, with Preston Smith scarecrow. The Packers, now 8-4 record and first seeded in the Conference, in the NFC, made it through in the 4th quarter on a run with two tries on Dillon’s ground. However, they pay dearly for the success: a serious injury to the right knee for Aaron Jones, the starting running back, and to be evaluated for Mercilius and Gary, crucial defensive pawns. For Seattle (3-6) the run-up to the wild card is further complicated. Metcalf expelled in the final: nerves tense.


The Titans aren’t the sexiest team around, but they continue to win and deserve the showcase. The Saints fold (5-4), it is the sixth success in a row. They boast the best Conference record, 8-2, in Afc, even 7-0 against teams that played in the playoffs last season. They are winning without Henry, injured, this time they succeed even though they have fewer yards than their opponents (264 to 373). But the Saints without Kamara miss the sprint ace, and remain “short”, in an attempt to comeback, failing a 2-point conversion.


Resounding blow suffered by the champions, the second in a row. The defense of the Bucs is a disaster, the secondary, decimated by injuries, even a Candid Camera. Now that Gronk and Brown are out in attack due to injury, the knots are coming to a head. Brady tries in vain to work miracles, 2 tries and 2 interceptions, this time, but even Heinicke (26/32) becomes a new Montana: when it comes to throwing against the Bucs every opposing quarterback turns into a super hero … The drive that decides the game is the one with 19 games, 80 yards, above all 10’26 ”of possession time with which Washington (3-6) hides the oval from Brady in the 4th quarter, ridiculing Coach Bowles’ defense.

Another ruinous collapse of a “big one”, which makes the news. The Cardinals (8-2) are wiped out at home: the game closed at half-time at 23-0 for the guests. At least they have the mitigation of the double forfeit of Murray and Hopkins, but they were also missing against the 49ers, and then … The second debut of Newton in the Panthers version (5-5) is a success. As a reserve, only temporary, by Walker, he scored a running and a passing goal at the beginning of the evening. With the explosive cry: “I’m back”. Let’s talk about Superman, the special effects are included in the ticket …

The matches gradually: Dallas overwhelms Atlanta 43-3, New England flattens Cleveland 45-7, Buffalo humiliates the New York Jets 45-17. Then Indianapolis folds Jacksonville 23-17, decides Lawrence’s fumble in the sprint, Philadelphia passes to Denver 30-13, with the return of fumble from 82 yards and 6 points from Slay as a highlight, Minnesota beats the Chargers in Los Angeles 27-20. Even, 16-16, between Pittsburgh and Detroit: a half defeat for the Steelers, who were without Roethlisberger, but the football to win it was the Lions, still unsuccessful: Santoso remains “short” from 48 yards. On Sunday night Kansas City overflows in Las Vegas 41-14 with Mahomes throwing five touchdowns. Chiefs at the top of Afc West now.

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Under the snow Green Bay returns to win. Tampa Bay and Arizona, the fall of the big names

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