Ufc, King Ngannou! Beat Miocic, he is the new heavyweight champion

Extraordinary performance by the Cameroonian giant, which in addition to power also shows a remarkable technical approach: the reigning champion goes to the mat in the second round. And The Predator’s next challenge is already outlined …

Everyone remembers that old commercial of power that is nothing without control, but what it didn’t say is that if you combine both of them, nobody stops you. And at the moment there is no one able to stop Francis Ngannou, who continues his unstoppable advance by planting the flag strongly in the history of the UFC: in Las Vegas he gets rid of a legend like Stipe Miocic with the simplicity of one who trains packed and won the heavyweight champion belt. It was known that he had no conventional punches, but the first time he tried it Miocic had neutralized him with pure brain and technique, emptying his brute strength. Ngannou this time makes him the pair with a match interpreted magnificently: he does not reveal himself, he works on the opponent, he shows that he has transformed his weaknesses into strengths. He checks him, in short, and as soon as he gets the chance he knocks him out without appeal. Until now Ngannou had lived up to gifts of nature and already seemed unstoppable, this time he also showed an attention to detail and a coldness of mind that could make him really without anecdotes for a long time.

It matches

Ngannou prepared for this match together with Kamaru Usman, Nigerian, former NCAA wrestling star and undefeated Ufc Welter Champion, and it shows. His approach to the match is cerebral, not gut-witted as usual. He scrutinizes Miocic’s footwork, approaches him slowly but precisely, and as soon as the other tries to bring him to the ground he defends himself easily and shows that the extraordinary power of blows in all this has not lost it: in getting up and taking the back of the champion drops a couple of hooks to his face that would have knocked out a bear. Ngannou appears to be fighting against the world, not against Miocic. Because once he showed everyone that in addition to beating he also knows how to fight, he closes it in his own way: left to the face at the beginning of the second round, then a storm with no escape. The predator rejoices, waits for Miocic to get up and then hugging the opponent says “You brought out the best in me”. Given the extraordinary ease with which he became world champion, however, the impression is that we have only just begun to see this better.

The future

While the world rejoices and congratulations arrive via social media from half the world, Ngannou celebrates little compared to the latest champions seen to become such: the impression is that of one who has taken something that he already considered his. At the end of the match he thanked Usman and underlined: “Me, him and Adesanya, three African champions. A great result for my continent, maybe one day we will bring the Ufc “. It is unlikely that this will happen for his next engagement, not yet formalized but which already seems obvious: he will have another legend, Jon Jones, one who in his 13-year career has lost only against himself and who climbs into the heavyweights. Miocic for his part is 38 years old and has a wonderful career. The impression is that it ends here, but who knows …

Preliminary card

Medi: Barriault (Can) batte Azaitar (Ger) 3r; Feather: Morales (Ven) batte Young (Nzl) dec. unanimous; Lightweight: Oleksiejczuk (Pol) batte Bukauskas (Lit) dec. non unanime; Welter: A. Nurmagomedov (Rus) defeats Gooden (Usa) dec. unanimous; Lightweight: Menifield (Usa) defeats Cherant (Usa) submission (taken in the shoulder).

Main card

Lightweight: Mullarkey (Aus) batte Worthy (Usa) ko 1r; Moscow women: Maverick (Usa) defeats Robertson (Can) dec. unanimous; Gallo: O’Malley (Usa) batte Almeida (Bra) ko 3r; Welter: Luque (Bra) beats Woodley (Usa) submission (neck grip; Maximum: for the title of champion Ngannou (Cam) beats Miocic (Usa) ko 2r

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Ufc, King Ngannou! Beat Miocic, he is the new heavyweight champion

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