Tucker, field goal da record: 66 yards! E i Ravens superano i Lions

Sunday of surprises in the NFL, with many sprints and spectacular kicks: the third day will end with the Monday Night Dallas-Philadelphia

The Rams beat the Bucs and propose themselves as their successors in the Super Bowl perspective; the other last finalists, the Chiefs, lose for the second time in a row. A Sunday of surprises in the NFL, with lots of sprints and spectacular kicks, that of Tucker makes the history of the game. The third day will close with the Monday Night Dallas-Philadelphia.


The Rams are the best team in the league to date. They demonstrate this by dominating the defense of the Bucs, dragged by the Stafford-Kupp couple. The quarterback throws 4 tries, one for Jackson from 75 yards, the blond catcher cheers twice in the end zone, with a haul of 96 yards. Brady is the only one of the reigning champions to play at great levels: he exceeds the 80,000 yards in his career, grinding 432 with a throwing and a running try, but that’s not enough. The attack line struggles to protect him, the Bucs have no running game, and the secondary is a sieve that also loses Dean through injury. The big match is so Rams monologue.


Herbert is America’s most promising young quarterback. Enchant in Missouri where even the master Mahomes beats, accomplices 4 turnovers by the Chiefs, 2 interceptions and 2 fumbles. Herbert scored 4 times and in the final converts a 4th & 8th before throwing the decisive try for Williams after the questionable calls from Coach Staley. Coach Reid in the hospital after the game with a mild illness. Chiefs last in Division with 2 defeats: who imagined it …


He ends up in the showcase thanks to the longest kick ever, that of Justin Tucker from 66 yards who wins the race at the Ravens. Unforgivable Lions: they allow Jackson to find Harris only in depth on 4th & 19 from his 16 yards. However too short for the story of the game. But Tucker changes it. There is also the topical referee: a penalty for resuming the game with the game clock at 0, is ignored before the decisive field goal. Determinant. Tucker thanks.


Tennessee fold Indianapolis 25-16, Henry’s 113 yards run, Tannehill’s 3 passing touchdowns, Colts still unsuccessful. New Orleans wins at home Patriots by folding New England: the highlight is Jenkins pick 6 to Mac Jones. Buffalo overwhelms Washington 43-21: Josh Allen has fun, throws for 358 yards and 4 tries. Kick off covered by the losers thanks to the wind, as if it were an on side kick. Cleveland finds Beckham after cruciate ligament surgery, and sweeps away 26-6 Chicago: 9 sack for the Browns to the freshman quarterback of the Bears, Fields, 4 and a half to Garrett. Atlanta wins the first success, 17-14 on New York, thanks to the kick at the end of Koo from 40 yards. In the break, the Giants withdrew Eli Manning’s shirt. Cincinnati surprise 24-10 Pittsburgh, the Burrow-Chase pair enchants and promises wonders for years. The unbeaten Denver rages 26-0 on New York Jets, who haven’t won yet, Las Vegas climbs 3-0 for the first time in 19 years. To supplementary i Raiders fold 31-28 Miami, decide Edwards’ hold and Carlson’s 21-yard kick. Minnesota celebrates first victory, 30-17 on Seattle, even without Cook, with Cousins ​​triggering Jefferson and Thielen. Arizona effort, but ends up overcoming Jacksonville 31-19, from below 10-19. The game of the match is for the Jaguars, the return from 109 yards and 6 points from Agnew on the short kick from Prater’s 68 yards. In the successful Sunday Night of Green Bay a Santa Clara 30-28: i 49ers they overtake with 37 ”from the end with Garoppolo’s launch for Juszczyk, but those seconds are enough for Rodgers to find Adams and allow Crosby to kick the Packers victory from 51 yards.

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Tucker, field goal da record: 66 yards! E i Ravens superano i Lions

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