Titans, who comes back with San Francisco thanks to an AJ Brown from applause

The final is 20-17, the field goal that wins the game is scored by kicker Bullock, under pressure, from 44 yards, with just 4 “on the clock

The Titans remind everyone that they shouldn’t be forgotten. Tennessee in fact folds 20-17 in San Francisco comeback on Thursday Night which opens the 16th day of the NFL and proves to be able to be racing even without the unavailable Henry and Julio Jones. He beats another playoff team this season, and he does so with a spectacular second half, in which AJ Brown dominates, to finish with 11 tricks for 145 yards, and Ryan Tannehill demonstrates personality in the final sprint, dragging the team of home, in Nashville, to the field goal that wins the game. The kicker Bullock scores it, under pressure, from 44 yards, with just 4 ”on the clock. Do not tremble and hit the poles.

49ers in trouble

And troubles the 49ers, who had dominated the first half, closed ahead 10-0, canceling the opponent’s attack, limited to just 55 yards. And they had scored the first try of the game with running back Wilson, before Robbie Gould hit the 48-yard kick to bring the outside advantage to two possessions. But the second half goes backwards with respect to Coach Shanahan’s expectations. The Californians close the game with 389 offensive yards, compared to the 278 opponents, with more first downs (22 to 16) and more possession time. But they all turn out to be useless statistics, because the one that counts, the final score, sees them below. Blame the two interceptions of Jimmy Garoppolo (pick first by Jenkins, then by Hooker) who even in the final shows nerves of steel and redeems himself by triggering the usual fabulous Deebo Samuel for the 56-yard hold that pioneers the combination between the quarterback paisà and Aiyuk for the equal touchdown with 2’20 ”to play. But it is not enough, because the defense, which also closes with 4 sack, ferocious in pass rush, is no longer able to stop Tannehill, who makes the decisive first-down race, the one that prepares the ground for winning football almost at the end. 49ers just 8-7 records now. And with a trip to Los Angeles, at the Rams’ house, on the last day of the regular season. In short, you need a further step to conquer the playoffs and maybe not do it as the last wheel of the wagon in NFC. To avoid intersections, however away, too complicated. Colorless game of Kittle, the super tight end, doubled and neutralized by the Titans: just 21 yards of tricks.

The muscles of the Titans

How life changes with AJ Brown available. Upon returning from the injury list, the receiver becomes a magnet on the third down placing his hands 8 times on the oval, covered by Linus for Tannehill. And so despite a patched-up offensive line due to absences, Tennessee climbs a 10-5 record. The Division, AFC South, is firmly mortgaged. In the event of a Christmas defeat in Indianapolis away to Arizona, the first place would already be mathematical. In short, the playoffs are safe. And with the first home match. But the Titans are playing the first ever seed in the AFC now. Reiterating that they are capable of exalting themselves against quality teams, just what the playoffs will need: they have already folded in the season Kansas City, LA Rams, Buffalo, twice Indy, New Orleans, now the 49ers. In short, they are not the sexiest team in America in terms of style of play and sounding board of the market, too small, but there is no need to make the mistake of forgetting them. Because they are solid as steel. And for the playoffs, Derrick Henry, the phenomenal running back, injured on 1 November last, should also return, perhaps with a “warm-up lap” first. What paws …

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Titans, who comes back with San Francisco thanks to an AJ Brown from applause

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