The last undefeated also falls: Green Bay passes into Arizona’s home

An interception in the end zone at 12 ”from the end punishes the Cardinals. Rodgers works wonders even without his top 3 receivers. For the Packers it is the 7th consecutive success after the defeat in the opening match

There are no more undefeated teams in NFL. The Arizona Cardinals after 7 wins lose against Green Bay on Thursday Night which opens the eighth day. At Glendale it ends 21-24. Murray is intercepted with 12 ”to play in the opponent’s end zone by Douglas, when at least the kick for the extra time would have been automatic. The Packers thus win the seventh game in a row. Now they boast the same record as the Cards: 7-1. They impose themselves even without the three best receivers and losing the tight end, Tonyan, during the match. Yet another sporting miracle of Rodgers, who leads a group of kids to success on a complicated field. But the merits this time are also of coach LaFleur who tactically sets up an excellent race: the Packers run for 151 yards with Dillon and Jones spectacular dominating the possession time.

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Rodgers was without Adams, Lazard and Valdes Scantling respectively positive for Covid, stopped by the anti-pandemic protocol, and injured. Yet, despite a dubious referee call denying Jones the try that would have ended the game with 4 ‘on the clock, he finds a way to score 24 points. Running backs and a positive offensive line help him, even if Cobb proves to be the only reliable target among those left. The defense alternates light and shadow, but the interceptions of Black and especially Douglas are worth a more than positive report card. The Cards were without JJ Watt, for him the season ended with a shoulder problem, but the quarterback catcher Chandler Jones recovered. The defense against the races reiterated that they are suffering too much, while the attack, which had the best receiver, Hopkins, at half service, is confirmed as explosive, but prone to blunders.

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The first flash is Edmonds’ running try, 7-0 Cards. Green Bay replies with Jones, who scores 7-7. Moore commits a mortal sin on a punt return, skimming the oval trying to dodge. The Packers recover it 2 yards from the end zone, but the defense of the Cards holds. For Green Bay only Crosby’s 21-yard football: 10-7 at half-time. Dominates the possession time, 22 ‘against 8’, but the receivers do not hold a ball… Cards with just 5 first downs. At the beginning of the second half Murray makes the omelette: first he stumbles giving a sack, then throws an interception to Black on the 15 yards of the Cardinals. Rodgers punishes: finds Cobb for 17-7. Arizona replies: Murray completes a 4th down, then Conner runs in goal for 17-14. Rodgers loses Tonyan: left knee. He has only one suitable target, Cobb, and finds him for the 24-14 touchdown with which he opens the 4th quarter. Murray converts another 4th down, and Conner runs in goal again: 24-21. Packers with 4 attempts 1 yard from the end zone do not score after the referees cancel Jones’s try. But Murray is intercepted in the end zone with 12 ”to play. Green wrongly does not even turn, Douglas picks up the oval and closes the race. Murray limps out, Rodgers triumphant. Packers 7-1 after his quarterback’s summer soap opera. Who would have thought…

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The last undefeated also falls: Green Bay passes into Arizona’s home

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