The Bengals take on AFC North, Raiders still in the running for the Playoffs

Cincinnati takes its first Division title since 2015. On the penultimate day of the regular season 11 of the 14 places have already been assigned. Here’s how it went …

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Eleven of the 14 playoff spots are awarded. In the 17th and penultimate day of the NFL regular season, the Cincinnati Bengals rejoice, who conquer AFC North, and Las Vegas, which remains in the running for the post season passing to Indianapolis. Monday Night is Pittsburgh-Cleveland: it is played for rivalry, Steelers still vying only for math.


First Division title for the Bengals since 2015. He comes as a surprise by recovering two goals behind two times thanks to the atomic attack: Burrow launches for 446 yards and 4 tries, Chase even receives for 266 yards, a record for a freshman, and 3 touchdowns . The Chiefs secondary is swept away, McPherson’s kick at the end of 20 yards after crucial penalties gives the dream to Cincy, Kansas City momentarily slips to second place in the AFC.


The Rams were right to bet on Beckham. The disputed receiver first closes a 4th down in the sprint, then grabs the goal of the victory in comeback with 57 ”left. The Ravens, who had intercepted Stafford twice with Clark, author of a pick 6, failed to reply with Huntley, substitute for the injured Jackson. Baltimore hanging by a thread in playoff prospect after losing 5 times in a row. The Rams enjoy the decisive sack of Von Miller in the final seconds, the franchise record for yards received by Kupp, which overthrows Bruce, but the quarrel between teammates, Ramsey and Rapp is to be forgotten.


The reigning champions win a comeback with a Brady pearl in the last drive: he grinds 93 yards without time out in less than 2 ‘and launches the decisive try with 15 ”to play. The Bucs advance to third place in the NFC, but the news is the madness of Antonio Brown who takes off his shirt in the third quarter, leaves the team in the lurch and goes to the locker room. Cut at the end of the race. His illustrious and controversial career probably ends here. Brady, already without Godwin, will have to invent alternatives as receivers: Grayson, author of the decisive touchdown, seems to be the alternative on the rise. Meanwhile Gronk tops the 100 yards of holds. The Jets close to the feat with Berrios’ goals on running and receiving. Wilson does not mind this time, but does not close a fourth down to the photo finish. And against Brady then you pay duty, if you don’t close the games.


The Raiders don’t give up. They win in Indy thanks to the feats of Renfrow, an unsuspected receiver with a normotype physique, and to Carson’s kick at the end of 33 yards. The playoffs will be played next Sunday at home with the Chargers: whoever wins is qualified, whoever loses stays out. The Colts can win them over by beating Jacksonville, but they wasted a match point, despite Hilton’s daring goal and Taylor’s usual walk in the end zone.


The Boys’ attack continues to go round in circles: Prescott commits a decisive fumble, Elliott does not affect, Gallup hurts his left knee. The Texans lose at home and climb to fourth place in the NFC. Arizona scores twice on the Murray-Wesley 22-7 axis, takes advantage of Prater’s 4 kicks, keeps the sprint for the conquest of NFC West in the balance until the last day: he follows the Rams.


Tennessee overwhelms Miami 34-3, who had just returned from 7 wins, and conquers AFC South, currently the first seeded Titans in AFC. In Sunday Night Green Bay liquidates Minnesota 37-10 and conquers the bye in NFC. Rodgers throws for 2 tries, Dillon runs for as many. Buffalo gets the playoffs by dominating the second half against Atlanta: 29-15 in the snow. New England demolishes Jacksonville 50-10 and is sure to play after next Sunday. Philadelphia folds 20-16 Washington: the difference is made by McLeod’s interception with 24 ”on the clock. The Eagles are in the playoffs, San Francisco remains in the running, which even without Garoppolo bends Houston 23-7, and New Orleans, which thanks to the defense tames Carolina 18-10. Los Angeles Chargers eliminate Denver 34-13: the highlight is Roberts’ 101-yard kick-off return. Seattle dismantles 51-29 Detroit, may have been Coach Carroll’s last home from Seahawk. Chicago dominates the New York Giants 29-3.


One day from the end, the current qualifiers for the playoffs. AFC: 1) Tennessee * (11-5) 2) Kansas City * (11-5) 3) Cincinnati * (10-6) 4) Buffalo * (10-6) 5) New England * (10-6) 6 ) Indianapolis (9-7) 7) Los Angeles Chargers (9-7). NFC: 1) Green Bay * (13-3) 2) Los Angeles Rams * (12-4) 3) Tampa Bay * (12-4) 4) Dallas * (11-5) 5) Arizona * (11-5 ) 6) San Francisco (9-7) 7) Philadelphia * (9-7).

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The Bengals take on AFC North, Raiders still in the running for the Playoffs

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