Rams stronger even than Covid. Chiefs on a war footing

Los Angeles passes into the home of the Cardinals on Monday Night despite numerous absences due to positivity. Kansas City seems to be back the one arrived at the last two Super Bowl. Let’s take stock after the 14th day

Massimo Oriani

A nice Monday Night concluded the 14th day of the NFL. The Rams, despite being cut down by Covid (positive Jalen Ramsey and Tyler Higsby on the flight to Phoenix in addition to the 3 already left at home), beat Arizona 30-23 with a sumptuous Cooper Kupp (13 receptions, 123 yards and the td of victory) and remain in the running for the divisional title. The Cards fail the final exams and lose for the third time in 6 home games (unbeaten on the road, 7-0) despite the good performance of James Conner, betrayed by the two very heavy interceptions launched by Kyler Murray.

Tip 33

Tom Brady beat Buffalo for the 33rd time in his career out of 36 games. He is the number one candidate to win the mvp. At 44 years old. Bah, now it is useless to even be amazed anymore. But who earns three first downs on a run in a quarter and on Twitter then jokingly teases the TV commentators who say he is slow (in a sprint with a turtle he would come second) leaves you speechless. Tampa against the Bills pulled the plug a little too soon, but if the defense grows, it will be hard to beat them in the playoffs, especially if they have the favorable home factor.


The comeback that led to overtime in Tampa bodes well. But if you lose 5 of your last 8, you can’t be considered a Super Bowl team. Now the calendar becomes much simpler, with the only rematch with the Pats (but this time in Foxboro) the real obstacle on the way to the playoffs. Which at the moment aren’t even that sure. And to think that their era must have opened in Afc East.

AFC North

We should rename it the division of Sora Camilla, since everyone wants it and nobody takes it … The Ravens seemed the big favorites but a slew of injuries knocked them out. The Browns are… the Browns. True, they won with Baltimore, but do you trust Baker Mayfield? Cincinnati is a roller coaster, up and down, stuff to make its supporters sick. Pittsburgh is artificially kept alive by some flash of Big Ben.


On a war footing. Are the Chiefs back from Super Bowl? Calm. Of course, 6 wins in a row speak for themselves. But the attack continues to leave some doubts. If you take away the 99 points in two races from the poor Raiders (nice idea to dance on the rivals’ logo in the middle of the field before the start and then make a fool of what they did …), it remains anemic, especially if parameterized to what it was in the two years closed to SB. But the defense is now scary.


Watch out for Tennessee. He is in the leading trio in Afc and could recover for the very last races and especially for the playoffs Derrick Henry. He has a long list of players who can come back to lend a hand and if they do in the postseason it becomes very dangerous. At that point he would join Chiefs and Pats as the only teams in the conference with legitimate aspirations to arrive at SoFi Stadium in February.

Covid alarm

As many as 36 positives yesterday alone. We are entering the crucial phase of the season and the dizzying increase in cases is scary. Hope for the best.

Players of the week

In defense Micah Parsons of the Cowboys. Of the week, of the month, of the year. And perhaps even beyond, since already people (of level) who compare him to Lawrence Taylor. In attack Cooper Kupp: nine consecutive games with at least 90 yards received, top in the history of the league on par with Michael Irvin (1995) and Odell Beckham Jr (2014, who also scored yesterday with the Rams)….

Super Bowl of the week

New England had the bye. We stay with them for the two exams with Indy out on Saturday night and Bills in the house the following day. Even a win and a defeat might be enough. The Battle of the Bays in the NFC saw us change our minds 4-5 times during the Bucs and Packers games. In the end we stay on Green Bay, which put aside the blunders of the special teams, has quickly straightened out the match with the Bears.

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Rams stronger even than Covid. Chiefs on a war footing

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