Only the Packers are a certainty. Cousins, few but confused ideas

Matchday 12 confirmed the mediocrity of this season. Only Green Bay stands out. The Patriots continue to amaze. Minnesota qb look for the oval under the … wrong butt

Massimo Oriani


The NFL season’s sense of mediocrity over the Thanksgiving long weekend was further heightened by a string of memorable collegiate-level games over the rivalry weekend. So, after seeing the Egg Bowl between Mississippi State and Ole Miss, Jim Harbaugh finally beat Ohio State with Michigan in “The Game”, Alabama forced to comeback at the last drive and then fold Auburn at 4th overtime and Oklahoma State dueling to the last with Oklahoma in “Bedlam”, closing the twelfth week with a horrible Monday Night like the one won by Washington on Seattle 17-15, leaves a bad taste in the mouth. But anyhow, this is how it goes this year. Exciting, for heaven’s sake, without a real favorite. Perhaps the Packers alone have shown consistency and reliability from the start (or at least after the debacle with the Saints of the first day). Not bad for a roster that according to diva Aaron Rodgers was not even up to winning against Seamen Milano …

The Pack is back

It was supposed to be the big match on Sunday, it turned out to be a one-way game. Had it not been for a couple of mistakes the final margin could have been much wider. Green Bay has never lost two games in a row since being coached by Matt La Fleur and is the number one Super Bowl candidate in the NFC. The Rams? Bah … They took Von Miller and Odell Beckham Jr but they do not have a good taste, not the least of the problems, which are many, turnover in the first place. Matthew Stafford was supposed to be the Messiah, but how many games that matter has he won in his career? True, he was playing in Detroit, but maybe that’s the problem. He has no experience at a high level and is used to losing. Three defeats in a row can only leave LA among the excluded from the conference elite. We can talk about it again, but that’s it for now.

Coach of the year?

Shall we give it to Bill Belichick? It would fit everything. The Pats left in general indifference, in what was said to be a year of reconstruction (despite having spent a lot in free agency), but old Bill has already made him wear the party dress. Six consecutive victories, from 2-4 to 8-4, the number one seeded AFC within reach, a Mac Jones who even for Vegas is in the top 10 of the MVP candidates (of course, they give it 80: 1, but the mere fact that he is quoted says it very long), a devastating Matt Judon, the kind of player they didn’t even have at the time of the first three Super Bowl, the most reliable kicker in the NFL after Justin Tucker in Nick Folk. The next three games, two with the Bills and one at the Colts, will tell us if they can be legitimate Super Bowl contenders. The bye week after the next Monday Night in Buffalo comes at the perfect time.

Lamar haphazardly

Four interceptions launched, three in a row. Yet the Ravens have won. Lamar Jackson enchants with his feline movements, but when he throws he often does it at random. It was enough against the poor Browns that it is not clear why they insist on deploying a physically broken Baker Mayfield instead of Case Keenum. For now Baltimore is number one in AFC, we’ll see for how long.

Cousins, please left

Give your quarterback a $ 66 million contract, and at the climax of the game he gets behind the right guard to take the snap … Poor Kirk Cousins. Or rather, poor Vikings. Coach Zimmer was forced to call timeout only to see Cousins ​​shoot the decisive oval. Minnesota would be in the playoffs if the season ended now. Do you understand why we speak of mediocrity?

to score or not to score?

When Leonard Fournette entered the end zone with 20 “to go, the instinct was to say” noooo “. Because Tampa could have stopped a couple of yards from the goal, let a handful of seconds slip away, call timeout and kick the very easy field goal of victory. Instead he gave the ball back to the Colts who almost made them pay for it. Pinion’s kickoff return made the Bucs tremble. Only Rodgers’ big hand on the kick returner’s shoulder saved them. It is a Hamletic doubt, we are almost at the level of the old one if to do it in basketball when you are above three with a few seconds from the end (Popovich docet, or rather not docet …). The Bucs – as the good commentators said in their heyday – win but do not convince, especially in defense.

The turkey on the stomach

Enjoy your meal. Anyone who ate turkey on Thanksgiving will have had trouble digesting it seeing the three games on Thursday. Detroit-Chicago was a museum of horrors. Dan Campbell doesn’t even know the rules: he called two timeouts in a row and got a 5-yard penalty on a crucial drive. Dallas, who always makes us regret as soon as we give her a little credit, has played whoever gets the most flags with the Raiders. It’s over 14 all. Too bad he lost on points, the ones that count, with the Raiders. For the third time in the last 4 after the knockouts with Denver and Chiefs. The grand finale with the Bills who scrambled the Saints who were missing 15 owners. Other than tryptophan (amino acid present in turkey that seems to make you drowsy). We fell asleep in front of the TV for the quality of the game.

Players of the week

In attack Leonard Fournette with his 4 td in the victory of Tampa over the Colts. In defense Patrick Surtain Jr of Denver, two interceptions on Justin Herbert, one a pick six, during which he touched 22.07 mph (35 km / h), top for a defensive back ball in hand in the last 5 years (yeah , in the US there are also statistics for who won the most games on Thursday after getting out of bed with their right foot and eating omelettes for breakfast …).

Super Bowl of the week

Ravens-Packers. But if we go to Green Bay with a heavy hand, we write Baltimore in pencil …

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Only the Packers are a certainty. Cousins, few but confused ideas

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