Monday Night, Prescott super e i Cowboys annientano Phila

Dallas wipes out the Eagles also thanks to his quarterback and to Elliott who touches the 100-yard run. The balance, winners and losers, of the long weekend of the oval ball

The Cowboys return to make their many fans dream. Dallas wipes out Philadelphia 41-21 on Monday Night that closes day three of the NFL. Which expressed surprising results: the balance, winners and losers, of the long weekend of the oval ball.


The Boys go up 2-1 by dismantling their divisional rivals. Dak Prescott, 351 days after his last appearance at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington and from the right ankle injury suffered then, regains the victory at home. The quarterback throws for three touchdowns, two for Schultz, one for Wilson; Zeke Elliott, the running back, relaunches himself after a complicated start to the season, scoring two tries and touching the 100-yard run. And the defense shares the damage inflicted on Hurts: two interceptions (by Diggs and Brown) and two sacks. The Texans are the favorites in the mediocre AFC East, with Washington losing to Fitzpatrick injury and struggling more than expected. Philly has chosen Hurts over Wentz and is likely to regret it, the next quality quarterback will probably have to choose him in the 2022 Draft, “strong” of a losing record. The only green flash was the goal of Cox, the defensive leader, who recovered a fumble from Prescott in the opposing end zone.


There are only five teams left that can boast a 3-0 record: Las Vegas, Denver, Los Angeles, Carolina and Arizona. The news is that among these only the Rams had played the playoffs last season. If the Californians are credible Super Bowl candidates, the remainder in the Raiders and Cards deck look like the ones with the potential to hold until the end of the regular season. But they play in ferocious Division, AFC West and NFC West, so they can’t afford braking.


7 seconds or less is the title of a book that tells the game philosophy of Mike D’Antoni’s Phoenix Suns in the 2005-06 version. Here, it could be adapted to the latest feat of Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay quarterback, and make it 37 seconds or less. With only those “change” on the clock he managed to “eat the field” against San Francisco with two fabulous passes in depth for Adams, then allowing Crosby the winning kick from 51 yards at the end. Rodgers, having resolved the quarrels with the management, is immediately back the man of providence.


Kansas City, which played the last Super Bowl, lost two of their first three games of the season. A limp and unexpected start, caused by too many turnovers in attack and the vulnerability of a defense that conceded almost 32 points per game. The Chiefs immediately ran for cover. In the least expected way, reinforcing the best department, the attack. In fact, Josh Gordon, the formidable 30-year-old receiver who has just been readmitted by the NFL after the sixth suspension for use of illicit substances, has signed for the training team, in which he will find his form. The character unknowns are obvious, the talent too. Tampa’s gamble on Antonio Brown a year ago had worked …


Myles Garrett wins the defensive Oscar: 4 and a half sack for the Cleveland Browns quarterback who has raged on the unfortunate Fields, freshman from Chicago. For the attack Josh Allen, quarterback of the Bills, as a performance would have no rivals, but it is more fair to reward Matt Stafford, quarterback of the Rams, capable of enchanting even against the champions Bucs.

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Monday Night, Prescott super e i Cowboys annientano Phila

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