Minnesota flies with Cook. Pittsburgh, the sensational comeback vanishes at the last minute

In anticipation of the 14th day, the Vikings go up 29-0 with an irrepressible running back. The Steelers re-enter the game in the 4th period and only a lack of reception on the last pitch denies them the extra time

Vikings love to live dangerously. Minnesota beats Pittsburgh at the last second on Thursday Night which opened the 14th day of the NFL. At US Bank Stadium it ends 36-28. A shot by Harrison Smith, the safety, saves, at least for now, the season for the Vikings, making the promising Pat Freiermuth lose the oval in the end zone in the end zone. Coach Zimmer’s team, whose future remains in the balance, climbs 6-7 records this season, this time finishing on the right side of yet another final sprint, and thus remains clinging to the playoff hope. A defeat, which from a 29-0 lead would have been unforgivable, but in the event of an overtime, close to it, it would have become a concrete specter with the inertia of the match all against and would have substantially compromised any residual illusion.

pittsburgh in the balance

The Steelers (6-6-1) were returning from the sprint with Baltimore. Then they had celebrated after a conversion from 2 touchdown points, the one missed by the Ravens, this time if Freiermuth, caught by Ben Roethlisberger in the end zone at the last moment, had kept the initial hold, they would have had a 2 conversion to go to the overtime. Instead nothing to do. They pay for the porous defense against racing, for once the lack of sack, with TJ Watt, seasonal leader of the category, who came out at the beginning of the second quarter for a muscular problem, but above all for having woken up too late, below 0-23 at the interval, 66 yards at 300 halfway through the game. Now their path in the balanced Afc North is further complicated. Big Ben chases the last playoffs of his career before the now certain retirement, but hope is increasingly reduced to a flicker. It moves in slow motion now, but pride and the big arm remain as a champion: 308 yards launched, 3 touchdowns and only one interception.

the race

The man of the match was Vikings’ running back, Dalvin Cook. Returning from a shoulder injury against San Francisco, he ran 205 yards, 153 in the first half alone, and twice in the end zone. Minny seemed in control of the situation, but with Kirk Cousins, the last word is never said. The controversial quarterback runs into a bad performance: 14/31 in throws, 2 tries, but as many interceptions. The absence of Adam Thielen (bad ankle) was felt, Justin Jefferson did not betray (79 yards of tricks and a try), yet he risked not being enough. The Vikings defense, unleashed in a pass rush, 5 sack, kept Roethlisberger under pressure for a long time, but in the end she was put under. And saved, after the mockery suffered against Detroit, by the ferocious Smith, who averted an unfortunate encore. Pittsburgh scored three tries in the last quarter, with Najee Harris running and thanks to receptions from James Washington and Freiermuth. But the decisive one was devoured in extremis. Relief Vikings and Steelers nightmare: in Nfl a single grip makes all the difference in the world.

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Minnesota flies with Cook. Pittsburgh, the sensational comeback vanishes at the last minute

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