Mahomes enchants, Kansas City slips the seventh win

On Thursday Night, which opens the 15th day, it was 34-28 in the overtime on the Chargers. Injury for Parham

Seven in a row. Kansas City wins again, this time in Los Angeles against the Chargers on Thursday Night which opens the 15th day of the NFL, and thus extends the string of successes. In extra time, winning 34-28, thus mortgaging the Division, the Afc West, and proposing itself as the team to beat in the Conference, the Afc. The last word has it Pat Mahomes, who throws for 410 yards and 3 touchdowns. And with him Tyreek Hill, 148 yards of tricks and a try, and Travis Kelce, even 191 yards of receptions and two touchdowns, including the decisive one.

The match is decided by the blunders of Coach Staley, who leaves 9 points on the gridiron giving up as many comfortable field goals to pursue 4th down conversions: he closes 2/5 in the category, the Chargers do not score points in 3 possessions within the opponent’s 5 yards . Game and Divison thrown away, playoff run-up that gets complicated. Despite Justin Herbert’s feats, the resounding 191 yards ran, a good Joey Bosa in defense. A mortal sin, and not the first season of the rookie head coach. The Chargers (8-6) have lost 8 consecutive home games to Kansas City.

The injury

Donald Parham suffered a drop to the 4th down in the end zone. The tight end on the occasion gets hurt and goes out on a stretcher, taken to the hospital for checks. Chiefs who start strong, ahead 10-0 thanks to the goal of the fullback Burton, but Herbert reiterates that he has super legs, in addition to the arm: first he runs in the end zone, then he finds Guyton for overtaking: 14-10. Now the inertia is all for the Californians, with Bosa forcing a fumble to Mahomes. But Cook devours a comfortable touchdown, and the second stop on the Chiefs goal line, by Sorensen, on the opponent’s 4th down, closes the first half.

The sprint

Staley squanders another 3 points by forcing the unsuccessful 4th down conversion in the field goal range, Coach Reid returns the favor 2 yards from the opponent’s goal line: Mahomes crushes the pass at the 4th down. Then the fireworks begin, well before the New Year. Austin Ekeler scores on the run for 21-13, Mahomes finds Hill in the end zone, 21-21 with the conversion from two points. Herbert replies: throw for Keenan Allen of 28-21 with just over 2 ‘to play. Mahomes replies immediately: he finds Kelce for an equalizer. It goes to the extra. And the difference is still made, at the first possession, by the usual suspects: Mahomes and Kelce, galactic. Game over. Chiefs 10-4, got in shape on the most beautiful, Chargers reassembled, and with a thousand regrets.

Meyer fired

The Jacksonville Jaguars kick out Urban Meyer after just 13 days of his first season as a manager in the NFL. The results speak for themselves: 2 wins and 11 defeats. But the reasons for the dismissal go further: the Jaguars had in fact talent and limited expectations. But Meyer, who boasts extraordinary college-level accomplishments, struggled to raise Trevor Lawrence, the first-pick quarterback of the latest Draft. And the tense relations between the coach and some players, plus some disastrous off-court style falls, convinced the owner Kahn to force the surprising timing of the exemption, 4 days from the end of the season.

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Mahomes enchants, Kansas City slips the seventh win

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