Kansas City, Tampa and Dallas win the Division. Rams and Arizona in the playoffs

The verdicts of the sixteenth day with the successes of Buffalo and Cincinnati against New England and Baltimore. Monday Night with New Orleans-Miami

Kansas City, Tampa and Dallas win the Division, LA Rams and Arizona meanwhile win the playoffs. These are the verdicts of the 16th Sunday NFL, with 12 games scheduled. But the most significant successes of the day, because they are less obvious, are those of Buffalo and Cincinnati, which now command their respective divisions. Monday Night will be New Orleans-Miami: two teams chasing the playoffs, like wildcards.

New England-Buffalo 21-33

The Bills (9-6) beat Foxboro and take the top of Afc East: if they win the next two games they will also conquer the Division. They had lost at home against the Patriots (9-6), they make up for it with interest, now having a favorable tie break, with the same record. Allen throws for 314 yards and 3 touchdowns, and places the two key games in the final: run from 8 yards to the fourth down and then paddle pass for Knox for the final visiting goal. McKenzie, in Beasley’s absence, sports an 11-trick performance for 125 yards and a try, Hyde shows two interceptions to Mac Jones. The Patriots score three times on the ground with running back Harris, but they always chase and fail to hurt the Bills with aerial play.

Cincinnati-Baltimore 41-21

Burrow gives himself the best match as a professional on the most important occasion: the challenge for the primacy in Afc North. The Bengals quarterback (9-6), first choice of the 2020 Draft, launches for 525 yards and 4 tries, fabulous, making Mixon happy in the end zone and twice each Boyd and Higgins. It was since 2009 that Cincy has not beaten both times in the season Ravens and Steelers: the Division is mortgaged. The Ravens (8-7) lose the fourth game in a row and see their playoff prospects further complicated. This time there are extenuating circumstances: the first two quarterbacks, Jackson and Huntley were missing, Johnson played, doing what he could, not enough. The defense, although decimated, was however swept away too easily.

Minnesota-Los Angeles Rams 23-30

Less balanced game than the result tells, the Californians have always been ahead, in control. Showing excellent defense and a good running game, with Michel unleashed. Stafford messed up a bit, 3 interceptions, but he still fed Kupp for 109 yards and Beckham in the end zone. The defense did everything possible to keep the Vikings (7-8) in the game, and Jefferson went crazy as usual, but Cousins, who was already struggling, also lost the returning Thielen to an ailment. And despite Mattison replacing Cook well, the attack didn’t produce enough. The return of punt from 61 yards and 6 points of Powell pearl of the game.

The other matches

Tampa overwhelms Carolina 32-6 and conquers NFC South for the first time in 2007, dragged by Antonio Brown, upon returning from suspension for having presented a false vaccination certification. Kansas City wins the eighth game in a row and wins AFC West: Pittsburgh demolished 36-10. First seeded Conference ever closer. Dallas on Sunday Night overwhelms Washington 56-14 and celebrates the title in the NFC East. Houston’s surprise 41-29 success over the Los Angeles Chargers, unforgivable, the New York Jets beat Jacksonville 26-21: Berrios’ 103-yard kick off is splendid. Atlanta beats Detroit 20-16 thanks to an interception with 33 ”from the end, Philadelphia overturns the New York Giants 34-10 at a distance. Chicago wins 25-24 in Seattle by converting a two-point try, sprint. Las Vegas folds Denver 17-13 thus remaining in the running for the playoffs.

Scenario Playoff

Two days before the end of the regular season. AFC: 1. Kansas City (11-4); 2. Tennessee (10-5); 3. Cincinnati (9-6) 4) Buffalo (9-6); 5. Indianapolis (9-6); 6. New England (9-6); 7. Baltimore (8-7). NFC: 1. Green Bay (12-3); 2. Dallas (11-4); 3. LA Rams (11-4); 4. Tampa (11-4); 5. Arizona (10-5); 6. San Francisco (8-7); 7. Philadelphia (8-7).

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Kansas City, Tampa and Dallas win the Division. Rams and Arizona in the playoffs

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