Giants, what a mess! Washington thanks and wins the first

Hopkins misses the field goal of success at the end, but a penalty against the New Yorkers allows him to retake and this time the kicker of the Capital does not miss

The New York Giants combine all the colors. When it seemed that this time, in the opening Thursday Night of the second day of the NFL, they could not refrain from winning, due to a mistake by the opponents, of course, comes yet another insult. Hopkins’ kick for overtaking Washington is wide, but Dexter Lawrence is offside. Giants are offside. All to be redone, and with a discount: from 43 yards, now. This time the home kicker hits the poles with time out for the final 30-29. And New York starts 0 wins and 2 losses for the eighth time in the past nine seasons.

the labors of jones

The quarterback of the Big Apple team had all eyes on him. It’s time to “quail”. The talent is there, but it must be concretized in successes. Here, this time he did everything to win, nothing can be attributed to him: 22/32 as throws, a splendid goal for Slayton. And 95 yards on the run. But he was betrayed by the defense and the receivers. Slayton’s drop in end zone is unforgivable, with his already ahead. He would have ended the game. The choices of the coaches are also questionable: in the final Garrett, the coordinator of the attack, was too conservative. Barkley then is far from a condition even only acceptable, fresh from the stop for the rupture of a cruciate ligament. The Giants would have no time to waste, and instead they keep losing, if anything. After the blow suffered with Denver comes this destruction, an intolerable waste considering how Jones and Gano played, and that was now done …

the feats of heinicke

Guest misfortunes are boon to the hosts in Landover, Maryland. Washington was in desperate need of good news after his disastrous season debut: loss to the Los Angeles Chargers and hip injury to old but reliable quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. So inside Heinicke, the last playoffs against Tampa were excellent, despite the defeat, but just in the third game as a starter in the NFL, at 28 years old. He did well: 336 yards launched, 2 tries and an interception. Which risked blowing up the bank, but was redeemed by the final drive. He brought his own into field goal range. The pass rush of the team from the capital ended with 4 sacks against Daniels, distressing the opponent’s attack line, who lost the left guard Gates due to injury and had a new starting center, Price. Then coach Rivera can enjoy McLaurin, extraordinary receiver. This time he finished with 107 yards and a touchdown, a nightmare for the secondary opponent. Yet it risked not being enough.

the match

Jones has a great start: super first drive that closes 4/4 on the launches and with a race in the end zone. Then McLaurin becomes irrepressible, accumulates tricks up to that of even: 7-7. McKissic’s 2-yard run is worth the 14-10 for Washington at half-time. Then Jones’s 33-yard pearl for Slayton changes the scenery. It goes on with the back and forth between the kickers, perfect. With Slayton devouring himself, very alone in the end zone, the goal of victory. Then Heinicke finds Seal-Jones for the overtaking goal: 27-26 with 4’30 ”to play. But Bradberry’s intercept arrives in Heinicke at 8pm Washington. The Giants have the demerit not to rage, to be content with sending the relentless Gano on the pitch who scores his 35th kick in a row from 35 yards: 29-27 Giants. But Washington has time to reply. Humphries’ catch allows Hopkins to kick from 48 yards. Wrong. The Giants celebrate, but that’s not the case. Offside. Incredible. Hopkins tries again and hits the posts. Washington wins, with a heartbeat.

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Giants, what a mess! Washington thanks and wins the first

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