From Lawrence to Wilson: stars, secrets and behind the scenes of the 2021 Draft

The most anticipated quarterback ends up in Jacksonville, Wilson in the Jets, Lance in San Francisco. Exchanges, blows, surprises and the Rodgers case breaks out

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In Cleveland it is raining and cold. But the Draft warms the hearts of many Nfl fans. In particular, Jacksonville rejoices who, thanks to choice number 1, enjoy the prospects of the quarterback that everyone would have wanted, Trevor Lawrence, from Clemson. The first three calls to the 2021 Draft, held in presence, with players and the public (vaccinated) on the spot, after the virtual one in 2020, are all destined for quarterbacks. Even the first 7 choices, of the 32 of the first round, will be translated into attacking players. Second and third laps will be revealed today, Friday, Saturday the event will then be completed with the choices from the 4th to the 7th lap.

N. 1 Lawrence a Jacksonville

Trevor Lawrence, quarterback from Clemson University is scripted the number 1 choice. Celebrate the call from home, South Carolina, with family. Long, blond hair, large arm and excellent mobility: special prospect. The Jaguars have appeared recently, but he seems like the right man to re-establish the Florida franchise.

N. 2 Wilson ai New York Jets

Zach Wilson, the quarterback from Brigham Young, blond, puts on the Jets cap and high-fives the fans before posing for the usual photos. He will replace Darnold, sent to Charlotte by the Jets to focus on the kid with the big arm and the swaggering confidence, already speaks of the Super Bowl, which is needed, or so they hope, to be successful in the Big Apple. Discounted call.

N. 3 Lance a San Francisco

The choice of the 49ers was a mystery: it remains so until the last second. He admits it to the stage himself, the chosen one, another quarterback, Trey Lance, from North Dakota State, second division at college level, just 17 games played at the university, only one in the last season. Huge potential, many unknowns. San Francisco still has Jimmy Garoppolo on the staff. How long, now?

N. 4 Pitts ad Atlanta

The Falcons choose tight end Kyle Pitts, from Florida. Super athlete, Ryan reinforcement and an explosive attack, with Jones and Ridley as other targets. Atlanta could choose a QB or trade the choice, instead call the best player available on the card, regardless of role and team needs.

N. 5 Chase a Cincinnati

The Bengals choose a receiver, Ja’Marr Chase, from Lousiana State, a former teammate at Burrow University, their quarterback, pick no. 1 of the 2020 Draft. The alternative could have been to select a line man.

Shot by patriots

The Pats take the quarterback they wanted, Mac Jones, from Alabama, where he won the national title, without moving from position # 1. 15. For Belichick a superlative blow, on paper. Mac enjoys it: “The team I wanted”.

Trade by surprise

The exchange between Dallas (called 10) and Philadelphia (12) bitter enemies is surprising. Bring Devonta Smith, the Heisman Trophy-winning receiver, in short, the college player of the year, also from Alabama University, to Pennsylvania. While Chicago (paying dearly for the trouble) rises to the # 11 call of the Giants for Justin Fields, the quarterback from Ohio State, pictured as top 10.

Tampa defends itself

The reigning champions reinforce the defense, to defend the title. With the 32nd and last call on the first round, they chose Joe Tryon, from Washington, another quarterback catcher, to join Barrett and Pierre Paul.

The Rodgers case

Meanwhile, a sensational case “mounts”. The Green Bay quarterback, best player of last season, seems to have “broken” with the Packers, the only team of his NFL career. Aaron is 37 years old, has been playing for Wisconsin since 2005, starting in 2008, after being the reserve of Brett Favre. His relations with the management would be at an all-time low due to the Draft of 12 months ago in which the Packers chose a quarterback, Jordan Love, on the first round, who then never saw the field, without choosing at least one receiver, invoked. from the Californian champion, who hasn’t arrived this time either, for now. Rodgers would have requested an exchange. That the Packers, who have him under contract, do not want to do. Also leaks the list of possible destinations like: San Francisco, he is from those parts, Denver and Las Vegas. It is difficult for the Packers, admitted and not granted, to be forced to trade, to perfect it with a rival of the Conference. In any case, General Manager Brian Gutenkust, disliked by Rodgers, officially declared that Green Bay is banking on Rodgers also for the future. But will it be true, or at least possible?

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From Lawrence to Wilson: stars, secrets and behind the scenes of the 2021 Draft

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