Burrow show, Cincinnati doma i Jaguars in rimonta

On Thursday Night which opens the fourth day, a comeback success for the Bengals, fourth knockout for Jacksonville

Burrow still beats Lawrence. In the challenge between quarterbacks selected with the number 1 choice of the last two Draft, in the revenge of the collegiate final of 2020. Then he wore the LSU shirt, now that of the Cincinnati Bengals with which he celebrates the success 24-21 in comeback against the former Clemson phenomenon, now a pivotal point in Jacksonville, on Thursday Night that opens the fourth day of the NFL. Cincy climbs 3-1 this season, a positive and surprising start, the Jaguars lose for the 19th time in a row, the fourth in as many games this season. This time mocked at the last second, after never having been at a disadvantage. Match with two faces in Ohio: the guests dominate the first half, the Bengals the second, the decisive one.

Growth pains

A brilliant Lawrence, despite the team’s progress, who finally avoids turnovers, must postpone his first professional success. For the freshman quarterbacks it is a nightmare start to the season: 1-11 record so far, the only victory came in a direct match: Jones (New England) beat Wilson (New York Jets). Someone had to win … Cincinnati finished last season with 4 wins. After only four games we are almost there … Burrow, fresh from the operation to the cruciate ligament of the left knee, reiterates that the future of the franchise is in good hands: he closes 25/32 in throws for 348 yards and 2 tries. Uzomah is the favorite target of the evening: he hits him for two tries and the decisive hold in the final sprint. And the freshman receiver Chase is confirmed phenomenal.

Departure Jaguars

Suffered left ankle injury (fracture) for Chark, the best receiver of the Jags. Then Cincy’s kicker, freshman McPherson, misses the posts with the first kick of the match. Jacksonville dominates the first half. He runs 115 yards against the 18 opponents, controls the time of possession of the oval. Robinson, the host running back, scores the first touchdown with a 6-yard run for a 7-0. Then comes Lawrence’s running goal. 14-0 for Jacksonville, already ahead 19-10 on Arizona last Sunday and then recovered. A flash on the Lawrence-Shenault axis is worth 52 yards and the Jaguars seem to be able to ramp up. But the race turns when with 53 ”to play Coach Meyer tries the 4th down 1 yard from the opponent’s end zone. It would be the knockout blow. But Lawrence is stopped by Wilson’s tackle: conversion failed and Jaguars leaving 3 points on the road. “Only” 14-0 at half-time.

Riscossa Bengals

The first drive of the second half turns into a goal for Cincy: Burrow throws long for Chase, then Uzomah closes it in the end zone. Match reopened: 14-7. That with 5 ‘to play in the 3rd quarter becomes 14-14 when Mixon begins to run with construct up to walk in the end zone for a draw. At the beginning of the 4th quarter Jacksonville comes back with a touchdown run by the usual Robinson. 21-14 for guests. Burrow reacts: passing from 31 yards again for Uzomah and 21 all. The decisive game is yet another throw of Burrow for Uzomah which allows McPherson to kick the victory kick at the end. After having made a mistake from 43 yards, he hits the poles of 35. The Bengals rejoice: start of the season to be framed.

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Burrow show, Cincinnati doma i Jaguars in rimonta

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