Brady-Tampa: spells and records. Dallas Mortgage Division

Tom wins the 700th touchdown which is worth the extra victory against Buffalo. The Cowboys move to Washington in the direct confrontation of the NFC East. Cleveland troubles Baltimore

Brady designs yet another magical finale, Dallas mortgages the Division, Cleveland wrecks Baltimore. These are the photographs of the 14th Sunday NFL, the day will be completed by the appetizing Monday Night Arizona-Los Angeles Rams.

Tampa Bay-Buffalo 33-27 d.t.s.

The umpteenth magic, the umpteenth record, the umpteenth victory. Tom Brady sets his other two firsts: that of completed throws, overcomes Brees when he touches 7,143, the one to remember is for Evans, and above all he scores the 700th touchdown. , on the first walk in the end zone from Buc. The game Tampa (10-3) had dominated it in the first half, 24-3 ahead at half-time, with Brady scoring on pitch, for Evans, and with the usual sneak. The intercept of the returning Sherman as a defensive icing, and unleashed pass rush with Barrett and White. Then the pride of the Bills (7-6) and Allen in particular, who pitched for over 300 yards and ran for over 100, scoring 3 tries, came out. 17 points in a row to close regulation time, with Bass’s field goal scoring from 25 yards with 22 ”on the clock. But in overtime the Bucs defense stopped Buffalo and Brady packs yet another masterpiece.

Washington-Dallas 20-27

The Cowboys (9-4) mortgage NFC East by winning the direct match. Everything seems easy for the Texans: 24-0 at half-time. Gregory and Parsons dominate in defense, who scores with Armstrong. But Coach Rivera’s guys know how to get under it despite losing McLaurin to concussion. Heinicke hits Sims in the end zone, Holcomb punishes Prescott with a pick 6: even 20-27. But Kyle Allen commits a forced fumble by Gregory and thwarts the last chance for a comeback.

Cleveland-Baltimore 24-22

The Ravens (8-5) lose game and quarterback: Lamar Jackson injures his right ankle in the second quarter. Cleveland dominated until 24-6 at half-time, with Garrett’s defensive touchdown as a highlight. Then Huntley touches the miracle: the pass for Andrews is 22-24 and the on side kick is recovered by the guests. But the Browns’ defense (7-6) holds: Clowney’s sack and Ward’s tackle on Bateman in the 4th down are decisive. Cleveland can still believe in the playoffs.

Other games

Kansas City overwhelms Las Vegas 48-9 winning the sixth game in a row, the defense force 5 turnovers, San Francisco goes to extra 26-23 in Cincinnati: Kittle irrepressible, the decisive goal is Aiyuk. Tennessee returns to success, 20-0 over Jacksonville, Lawrence throws 4 interceptions, New Orleans finds Kamara and wins after 5 losses in a row, wiping out the New York Jets 30-9. Seattle rides super Penny and dominates Houston 33-13. Atlanta wins in Charlotte bending 29-21 Carolina, Newton bench, Denver has fun: 38-10 on Detroit, Herbert blazes in the success of the Los Angeles Chargers 37-21 on the New York Giants, finally in the Sunday Night success of Green Bay on Chicago 45 -30, Rodgers with 4 tries.

Playoff scenarios

Four days at the end of the regular season. The current qualifiers for the playoffs, none mathematically. Afc: 1. New England (9-4); 2. Tennessee (9-4); 3. Kansas City (9-4); 4. Baltimore (8-5); 5. LA Chargers (8-5); 6. Indianapolis (7-6); 7. Buffalo (7-6). Nfc: 1. Arizona (10-2); 2. Green Bay (10-3); 3. Tampa (10-3); 4. Dallas (9-4); 5. LA Rams (8-4); 6. San Francisco (7-6); 7. Washington (6-7).

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Brady-Tampa: spells and records. Dallas Mortgage Division

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