Brady shines, it’s Tampa show in Philadelphia

On Thursday Night that opens the sixth day, the reigning champions beat the Eagles 28-22, but Sherman lost

Tampa does its duty. He jokes a little too much with fire in the final after dominating the Eagles, but still ends up winning 28-22 without too many worries in Philadelphia on Thursday Night that opens the sixth day of the NFL. The reigning champions climb 5-1 record this season by grinding nearly 400 yards of attack, the final score does not give the idea of ​​the obvious actual gap. Bucs ahead 28-7, then they do some phenomena, fiddling beyond the lawful, but Brady closes the accounts by not returning the oval to his opponents anymore, milking the clock until it reaches zero a short distance from the opponent’s end zone.


Tampa reiterates that it is a Super Bowl team, this time it also runs well with Fournette and Jones, but the secondary seems to be the victim of a curse: the Bucs also lose Sherman for a muscle injury, now they have out the three main cornerbacks plus the best safety, Winfield. Their further growth passes from the recovery of the injured, even Gronkowski is still in the pits, and from reducing the penalties: another 120 yds given this time to the opponents. Philadelphia is a modest team: it does not have a quarterback up to it, Hurts does not know how to pitch for these levels, a staff of coaches with everything to prove, and does not contain the game on the opponent’s ground. It risks becoming a long season, a Via Crucis for the Eagles, now a 2-4 record. Having given up Wentz to launch Hurts is a capital sin.

The match

Immediate touchdown for Tampa: Brady shoots Howard for 2 yards and 6 points. Philadelphia replies: Hurts supplies the evergreen tight end Ertz for 5 yards and 7-7. The Bucs lose Sherman to hamstring injury. Then Brady finds Brown for 23 yards and the scoreboard 14-7. Fourth goal of the season for his favorite receiver. Then Dean intercepts Hurts and Fournette converts the steal into a touchdown. Philly has at least one gasp: Harris intercepts Brady at halftime, after 229 straight passes by the 44-year-old quarterback. Eagles without attack, unable to take advantage of the flaws of the secondary opponent: Hurts 5/14 for just 54 yards passing at the end of the first half. Tampa ahead 21-7, dominating. The Bucs seem to close their accounts in the middle of the 3rd quarter with the second touchdown on Fournette’s run: 28-7. Yet it is not over. Because Hurts turns a 4th down into a running touchdown. Then an Inexplicable 4th down played by Coach Arians and not converted by Tampa in the middle of the field allows Philly to march, and finally Sanders is seen running, up to the goal that reopens the game. Again by Hurts, a running back who plays quarterback, still on the ground. 28-22 guests after the conversion from 2 points. Tampa is suddenly under pressure, away, with the public entering the game after several grumbles. But Brady doesn’t tremble. Closes a crucial 3rd down relying on the usual Brown for a 27 yard combination. And then with experience he manages the time left on the clock and allows the Bucs to equal the best start to the season in franchise history.

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Brady shines, it’s Tampa show in Philadelphia

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