Brady returns to Foxboro, but as an enemy. Meanwhile, there is still talk of that divorce

Tomorrow night, the 44-year-old quarterback will play as an opponent in New England after 20 seasons and 6 Super Bowl wins together. How will it be received? Meanwhile, more details about that breakup are leaking …

Tom Brady in Foxboro as an opponent of the Patriots. Until recently it would have seemed an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms. Instead it is reality. Tomorrow night, from 2.15 am of the Italian one between Sunday and Monday, the 44-year-old Californian quarterback will play in New England as a great ex, as leader of the NFL champions Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Brady against Coach Belichick, then. After 20 years of football and 6 Super Bowls won together. The divorce of March 2020 was unexpected and painful, especially for the Patriots fans, who lost the best football player every era with the added insult of seeing him triumph immediately elsewhere. It will be curious to observe the welcome that will be reserved for him, even if it is already conceivable a hug from a prodigal son who returns home, albeit with the “wrong” shirt.


It is difficult to identify a comparable event in American sports. Which will take the titles of all the US sites, not just sports. The story is delicious like few others. Belichick calling the quarterback from Michigan University to the 2000 Draft with pick number 199, betting on a player then ignored by all. Inexplicably underestimated. Which keeps him on the bench for the first season, not even the first reserve, which he is forced to launch as a starter in the second year, when the owner, Drew Bledsoe, gets hurt. Then Brady charms and starts winning. It doesn’t stop anymore. Play nine Super Bowls for the Boston franchise, win six, four times as best player. Become a global sports icon. Then the separation. Belichick makes the mistake others made in 2000: he underestimates Brady. He lets him go to rebuild the team, which in the meantime has become modest. Gisele’s husband, the Brazilian model, sets sail for Florida. And in Tampa he continues to do what he does best: run the oval and win. Champion in the first year, at 43. Unheard of. Meanwhile, the Patriots do not even qualify for the playoffs, with Brady on the gridiron always achieved except for one season. And Cam Newton, his successor, “burns”. Worn out, already finished at 32, unlike Brady. In short, there is something to write about …


James’s return to Cleveland as an enemy remains unforgettable. The Cavaliers fans had not forgiven Akron’s son, around the corner, there in Ohio, The Decision, the choice made on live TV to go to Florida, like Brady, but to Miami. To play in the Heat with Wade and Bosh, with whom he would later win a couple of rings. On December 2, 2010 the game as opponent and enemy from the Cavs had as its soundtrack the boo of the home crowd, who as a betrayed lover was worse than ever, even exhibiting T-shirts with the words LeBum, scarsone. Bron responded by scoring 38 points and winning the game 118-90. Dominating. There would then be the Cavs return to the jersey in 2014, in time to finally win a Prophet’s title at home before leaving Cleveland again for Los Angeles, the Lakers side. Another sensational return from ex was that of Brett Favre. The glory quarterback of the Packers played at Lambeau Field in Green Bay as an opponent on November 1, 2009. With the jersey of the historic enemies, that of the Minnesota Vikings. Traitor after 16 years of loyalty, two Super Bowls played and one won. He was welcomed by the boos of his former fans in green. But on the pitch the last word was his. Minny won 38-26, he defeated his successor, Aaron Rodgers. The reason for his farewell was understandable: the Packers had another, younger, phenomenon at home.


The divorce of the Patriots from Brady, on the other hand, remains a mystery. Perhaps consumption of relations with Belichick, who after many years still treated him as one of the many, said Tom’s coach, Alex Guerrero: he did not involve him in the franchise choices, he who is the first manager of the Patriots, as well as a monument coach. Tom and Bill said the right things as they approached the big event. Respect, education and tightness are values ​​that they share. But it’s kind of strange to hear Brady say now that the farewell was not communicated in person, then, to his mentor. In short, the tense stories were obvious, behind the iron curtain of the Patriots world, from which nothing leaks. New England and Tampa set off at hour X after a defeat. The Pats are 1-2 in season, they stammer. Freshman quarterback, Mac Jones, is promising, but the team has too many holes to be ambitious, the ones that forced Brady to say goodbye. Conquering the playoffs will be complicated. The Bucs are 2-1, they lost last Sunday to the Rams, the first opponents of the Conference in the Super Bowl perspective. Tampa has the staff to repeat itself as a champion. But many injured. Rob Gronkowski, the tight end that enchanted the Pats for nine seasons, and was then stolen by Brady in Belichick, is also in doubt for a rib injury. Gronk and Tom won the Super Bowl 2021 together, and this time from Bucanieri. Also for him, who had also retired to stop playing for Belichick, the virtual embrace of Foxboro is awaited. But who knows. Sunday night we will know everything: Brady always and only cares about winning and will start as the favorite, but this time, for once, the ice quarterback cannot be impervious to emotions. He will never play a game like this again.

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Brady returns to Foxboro, but as an enemy. Meanwhile, there is still talk of that divorce

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