Record-breaking Brady lights up Tampa. Arizona and Cincinnati take off

On the seventh day the Californian phenomenon launches the 600th touchdown in the regular season. Tonight on Monday Night Seattle-New Orleans

Strength tests for Tennessee and Cincinnati, Arizona and Tampa “walk” comfortably, Indianapolis goes to Santa Clara. These are the main responses of the seventh Sunday NFL, the day will be closed from Monday Night Seattle-New Orleans.

Tennessee-Kansas City 27-3

The Titans also pass the litmus test. After beating Buffalo, the Chiefs even dominate, 6 days later. The match closed already at half-time, at 27-0. Tannehill scores on throwing and running, Henry even improvises himself as quarterback finding Pruitt in the end zone, Brown is raging as a catcher. And Landry, Autry and Dupree don’t give Mahomes a chance in pass rush. The phenomenon of the Chiefs loses the oval twice, an interception and a fumble, absolutely his attack line betrays him and an indecent defense forces him to try to do too much. Maybe it’s time to press the alarm in Missouri: 3-4 of an unexpected and mortifying record, while Tennessee flies 5-2.

Baltimore-Cincinnati 17-41

The Bengals are ahead of everyone in AFC North. Do you think about it? It was impossible to predict. But Burrow is extraordinary, launching for 416 yards and 3 tries against a very good defense, sliced ​​by Chase, the freshman from Louisiana State, who receives for 201 yards and 2 tries. The Ravens as usual run well, 115 yards, but as often happens they throw badly: Jackson does not reach 50% of sets, 15/31. This time there are no daring endings or kicks from the extraordinary Tucker to “save the homeland”. Two teams of 5-2, from the playoffs even in a tough Division.

Tampa Bay-Chicago 38-3

All easy, very easy for the Bucs. They win the sixth race of the season (6-1) without even having to shift into high gears, dominating despite crucial absences: Gronk, Brown, David and Sherman. The photograph of the match is Tom Brady’s 600th regular season touchdown, a record for Evans. The second of the 4 launched by the 44-year-old Californian phenomenon that targets Godwin and Evans again and again, undisturbed. Fields, the freshman QB of the Bears (3-4) combines all the colors: 3 interceptions and 2 fumbles, a calamity. He is not ready for this level: Chicago will have to decide if he wants to give him experience in perspective or try to win immediately with Dalton, his reserve. But it risks burning it, like that.

Arizona-Houston 31-5

The Texans (1-6) start 5-0, then soon becomes a monologue of the Cardinals, still unbeaten (7-0). The Texans are simply not competitive, the Cards run 172 yards and Murray does and undoes at will. Two notes: the debut of the veteran tight end Ertz for Arizona has a happy ending with the goal from 47 yards, JJ Watt reiterates that he is still a real player as an illustrious former on duty.

the other matches

Green Bay folds Washington 24-10, with Rodgers making everyone happy: Adams, Lazard and Tonyan receive gifts to be discarded in the end zone. Guests mess too much in the red zone. New England rages 54-13 on the Jets mortifying the defense of Coach Saleh, New York loses to injury (right knee) Zach Wilson. Atlanta wins 30-28 in Miami inflicting the sixth defeat in a row to the Dolphins: the football from 36 yards decides at the end of Koo, the freshman Pitts enchants. The Los Angeles Rams do not slip on the Detroit banana peel: the amarcord challenge between Stafford and Goff, historic franchise quarterbacks who have exchanged teams, the strongest win: 28-19. A decisive interception by Ramsey, Kupp receives for 156 yards and two tries, Lions still without a win. Las Vegas beat Philadelphia 33-22, now ahead of everyone in AFC West, New York Giants beat Carolina 25-3: Fantastic one-yard reception by Daniel Jones, Darnold benched. In the Sunday Night Indianapolis wins 30-18 over San Francisco which in the rain goes out for the fourth time in a row, despite the return of Garoppolo: he has not yet won at home. The Colts race with Taylor and make a difference on the Wentz-Pittman axis.

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Record-breaking Brady lights up Tampa. Arizona and Cincinnati take off

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