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The province of San Juan was to be the venue for the 2022 Summer Tournament, but in the last hours it was decided to change places and the reason would be the epidemiological crisis that the Cuyo province is experiencing due to the increase in coronavirus cases to which the historic drought would be added
that goes through.

The contest will take place from Friday the 14th to Tuesday the 25th of January and will finally be played at the Ciudad de La Plata Stadium, where infections also increased in the month of December.

As it transpired, the organizers of the 2022 Summer Tournament decided to change the venue due to the increase in coronavirus cases registered in recent days, since the province will close 2021 with more than 58,000 infected.

This figure implies an increase of almost 300% over 2020, while to that we must add that there were 864 people deceased in 2021, more than double the deaths of last year.

In 2020, a total of 14,971 cases of coronavirus were recorded, an accumulated that was counted since March 28 when they confirmed the first positive in San Juan, while in 2021 it adds up to 58,054 positives over 12 months and this is an interannual increase of more than 280%, which is explained by the appearance of more infective variants that significantly raised the statistics.

In addition, the issue of the drought that afflicts San Juan would have had an influence and it would not be well seen for him to organize a contest under these conditions since, for the same reason, the province fell from the Davis Cup that will finally be played on Lawn Tennis.

The situation of water scarcity that San Juan is going through in particular and the region of whose in general, is unique in its history.

According to a statement released by INTA, in the last five years 20% of the area occupied by glacial ice and 50% in patches of snow, which in both cases feed the San Juan river basin, have been lost, due to to the decrease in rainfall and the increase in the average temperature registered in the region.

“Before the end of this year 2021, the lack of natural inputs to increase the water supply was confirmed. In other words, there is no way to modify the amount of snow that precipitates and that ultimately translates into an annual spill of water in the basin. The important thing is to become aware of the seriousness of the shortage and to undertake urgent actions to be more efficient in the use and conservation of water, ”the institutions warned in a statement.

How is the situation in La Plata regarding coronavirus cases?

After the loss of San Juan, it was decided that the Summer Tournament would be held at the Ciudad de La Plata stadium and the Argentine teams Boca, Independiente, San Lorenzo and Talleres de Córdoba, and the Chilean Colo-Colo casts will participate. and University of Chile.

The situation in the Buenos Aires capital is not much better than in San Juan because since the beginning of the pandemic 89,069 positive cases have been registered and 2,476 deaths have been registered.

As for December, the increase in infections was ascending since in the first week there were 326 cases, while in the second they amounted to 568, in the third 1,254 and in the last the figure was 2,435.

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Why was San Juan dropped from the Summer Tournament? – Mendoza Today

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