Why 2022 is going to be an exciting year in the world of triathlon

2021 will be a difficult year to forget in the world of triathlon. Very difficult. As well as trying to summarize in a few lines everything we have experienced throughout this year.

We have seen Flora Duffy become the first triathlete in history to win an Olympic gold and the short distance world championship in the same season, to Gustav Iden show why It is not the future, but the present of the medium and long distance triathlon or Kristian Blummenfelt execute what is probably the best season in the entire history of triathlon.

At the national level, after some difficult years for ours, finally We have once again seen a Spaniard lead the World Series: Antonio Serrat has shown that Javier Gómez Noya and Mario Mola have relief.

Roberto Sánchez Mantecón he continues to grow sportingly and the test is the podium he shared with the Galician in the European triathlon championship.

We have once again become world champions thanks to Igor bellido already David castro, a whole phoenix from La Roda.

On the part of our girls, Sara perez has come to the middle distance to stay and Cross Friars It has shown that it still has a lot to say in the long run.

Looking at all this, it may seem overly optimistic to hope that the next season will live up to this 2021. However, luckily for all the fans, 2022 is going to be an exciting year in the world of triathlon.

For the first time in history, we will have two IRONMAN world championships in one year

In 2020 we came to think that this madness could happen in 2021, but the pandemic once again screwed everything up. Another year without enjoying the most legendary event on the entire calendar.

So 2022 will have to pay off some outstanding debtss with triathlon. How? Celebrating, for the first time in history, two IRONMAN world championships in the same year.

On May 8 it will be St. George’s turn and, allow me the audacity, of one of the best races in the history of long distance. I don’t know if the test will pass as expected with that start list, but of course, we have more than enough reason to be aroused: Jan Frodeno, Gustav Iden and Kristian Blummenfelt in a face to face.

Foto: Talbot Cox

The absolute dominator of recent years against two young “inexperienced” who have shown that they have a lot to say in the iron distance.

But that’s not all, the party is joined by other world champions like Sebastian Kienle, Patrick Lange, Javier Gómez Noya, Who is it gonna be for the big goal of the year or Alistair Brownlee, What does he want fight for victory.

And we must not forget Sam Long or Lionel Sanders. The Canadian has completed one of the best years of his career, while the American is clear that you don’t want to miss out on winning a world championship.

In women, more of the same. Lucy Charles He gave an exhibition winning the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship and perhaps the time has come to make things really difficult for his rivals. The British has been three times second in Kona and, perhaps, in St. George, they are not Anne Haug The Daniela Ryf those who climb to the top of the podium.

It will also be necessary to closely follow women like Laura Philipp, which in 2021 has won Finland and Austria, or Kat Matthews, second in Tulsa and winner in UK.

And of course we don’t forget Cross Friars. The Basque has six consecutive classifications to an IRONMAN world championship and each year she proves to be one step above. In 2022, Guru will fight to sneak between the ten best triathletes in the world.

And with a similar perspective, in October of next year, we will return to The Big Island. Two years later, the IRONMAN World Cup will return to Hawaii. At the moment it is difficult to know who we will have running in Kona next year. Even if some, like Iden, have confirmed that they will not be in KonaHaving the best in the world racing on Ali Drive again is always reason enough to be anxious.

The attempt to break down barriers

The date has yet to be confirmed, probably in summer, between the two important IRONMAN events, but in 2022 we will see four triathletes facing the most media challenge of the year.

The idea came to Alistair Brownlee’s head a few years ago And, next season, it will become a reality. The Brit and Kristian Blummenfelt, who in 2022 it will be focused on long distance, they will try to break the barrier of seven hours in distance IRONMAN in an event that wants emulate INEOS 1:59 by Eliud Kipchoge.

kristian blummenfelt transition
Foto: Clash Daytona

For its part, Nicola Spirig and Lucy Charles They will do the same with the eight o’clock barrier in an appointment sponsored by one of the great fortunes in the service of triathlon.

Taking into account that, among the men behind everything, we find figures like Chris McCormack y Will McCloy, both key figures in the Super League, it’s no wonder Pho3nix Foundation’s Sub7Sub8 will give us away next year one of the most spectacular broadcasts we have ever seen in this sport.

PTO Tour 2022

The news jumped a few days ago, the PTO Tour will be a reality next year: PTO US Open, PTO Canadá y Collins Cup. And there will be more in 2023, when PTO Europe Open and PTO Asian Open are expected to join.

But, for the moment, three great appointments in style Grand Slam tennis and an annual bonus that They will distribute 5.5 million euros, almost as much money as IRONMAN and World Triathlon in more than 100.

collins cup
Photo: PTO

Seeing what the organization has been capable of during its short life (events such as Daytona or the last Collins Cup), there is no other way than to wait for three events that will bring together everything that the triathlon world can hope for: a lot of money at stake, a luxury start list, television show, media exposure and tons of content around it.

If you like this sport, there is no denying that this is something really fantastic.

A different World Series

2022 will be an atypical year in the Triathlon World Series. After a long and exhausting Olympic cycle it seems that many of the big names have decided to step aside to seek other motivations.

The Norwegians have decided to have fun in the long distance, we have seen men like Jelle Geens or Vincent Luis prove themselves in the sock and Mario Mola or Fernando Alarza confirmed a few months ago that in 2022 they would look for other challenges.

But in 2022 we will still be able to enjoy the top category of short distance triathlon, where it seems that the new generations of triathlon will take over.

The triathlete from Vigo was only surpassed by Studer in Austria
Photo: Instagram // Antonio Serrat

The Alex Yee, Hayden Wilde, Tim Hellwig, Léo Bergere, Bence Bicsák o Antonio Serrat, which leads the world championship and will be our great asset for next year. Spain wants to be at the top again and the Galician has shown that we have an asset.

In addition, Castro, Mantecón o Grau they want to find a place among the regulars.

In the female category, perhaps we will see veterans like Flora Duffy o Jessica Learmonth, fighting against new talents of the stature of Laura Lindemann, Maya Kingma o Taylor Knibb and consecrated triathletes like Georgia Taylor-Brown o Taylor Spivey.

Super League and eSports World Championship

In 2022 the best triathlon league in the world will also return and it will do so with important news. To his recently released Super League Triathlon Championship Series and the usual appointments of the Arena Games, next season will be added the first eSports triathlon world championship.

Anna al agua
Foto: Super League Triathlon

An important novelty for our sport, which has known how to adapt very well to new trends.

At the moment we do not have dates or much more information about it. Probably, both Super League for its part, and in conjunction with World Triathlon, are still working on a calendar that each year becomes more complicated due to the increasing number of events.

Other events on the medium and long distance calendar

Do not forget the rest of the appointments on the medium and long distance calendar. Challenge The CLASH They have given us great appointments this year and they are expected to do the same in 2022.

At the national level, triathletes like Sara perez The Pablo Dapena they will seek to give continuity to the great results of these last seasons. While triathletes like Saleta Castro, Víctor Arroyo or Gustavo Rodríguez they want to show that they can be competitive in IRONMAN.

We will probably leave some names and appointments along the way, but with a horizon like the one that triathlon opens for us in 2022, it is difficult to digest everything. We hope that you do not take this into account and that you share our happiness for everything that comes next year.

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Why 2022 is going to be an exciting year in the world of triathlon

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