What will be the luxury complex that will be built in the Cariló forest

Golf de Cariló has 44 hectares of green, an 18-hole course and a restaurant. During the day and at night, the only noise that can be heard is that of the little birds that walk among the huge trees and some voices when there are tournaments or someone playing.

In the middle of this natural paradise, and in the heart of one of the most exclusive spas on the Argentine coast, Nelson Valimbri, the president of Golf, will build the first five-star hotel in the town. It will be, strictly speaking, a complex: in addition to this accommodation there will be 12 villas with cabins, gyms, spa, indoor and outdoor pools, confectionery and restaurant. The development will occupy 5,500 square meters and whoever stays there will not have contact with a house for at least 70 meters around. “Seventy meters is an apple in Cariló”, graphs Valimbri, in dialogue with THE NATION.

The Cariló Golf Club todayTomás Cuesta – THE NATION

The project was approved by the Municipality of Pinamar and it is estimated that its construction will start at the end of 2022 and will last two years. The Cariló Golf Club Hotel was designed for golfers and tourists in general. “For a golfer to be able to stay on the course itself is beautiful,” says Valimbri.

The covered pool of Golf Cariló
The covered pool of Golf CarilóCourtesy Cariló Golf Club

This will require a millionaire investment that, for now, Valimbri does not disclose. “We have to adjust prices for construction costs and other details,” he says. In principle you will be the only investor. But it will open the door to those who are interested. Of course: once the project is finished, it will remain with the administration of the place. “My thing is the hotel and gastronomy”, says, from Carpe Diem, the restaurant of the Golf.

The hotel will have 59 rooms. Those of standard size will have 52 square meters; the suites, 100 square meters. The renders of the project, which you accessed THE NATIONThey show not only luxury but modern design, and an attempt to prevent the building from “contaminating” the beauty of the forest.

One of the coffee shops at the Golf Club Hotel
One of the coffee shops at the Golf Club HotelCourtesy Cariló Golf Club

The studies participated in the project FLP architecture, by the architect Fernando López Pons, and BMA Arquitectos Asociados, Wedding, Miani and Anguer. The designer Diana Gradel and the architect Eliana Gradel they took care of the interior design.

Valimbri acquired the Golf lands three and a half years ago. He bought them from the Guerrero family, the first owners of all of Cariló. One of the reasons to build in Golf is that all the courts are deficitThen you have to find some way to make them sustainable. But the other, the most important for the president of the company, is the need to offer an experience and a refuge for those who seek peace in the Cariló forest.

Also, and in parallel, it works with the National Tourism Board to promote Argentina and Cariló as a receptive golf destination. “Luckily we have recovered tournaments. We want to host national and international tournaments ”, he says. In that sense, having facilities to offer to those who come is an important plus.

This will be the gym of the Golf Club Hotel de Cariló
This will be the gym of the Golf Club Hotel de CarilóCourtesy Cariló Golf Club

Valimbri knows the world of hotels and gastronomy well. He is the owner of another apart Hotel in Cariló: the Ville Saint Germain. Once the luxury complex is completed, Valimbri will turn the Golf into a Club. “The idea is to attract members, who do not need to stay to access the services of the court and the gym, the spa, the pool, like any other club,” he explains.

The owner of Golf Cariló faces a paradox: he does not play golf. “It is so. I have no idea. As a friend of mine said to another player: ‘handicap? No, he doesn’t have a handicap, he doesn’t play golf, he has no idea, but you’re going to have the best course and the best services, because he does know that, ‘”he remembers and laughs.

This is how the hotel rooms will be
This is how the hotel rooms will beCourtesy Cariló Golf Club

“But I can’t play here either. Because they tell me ‘how good boss, he was born for this’. I have to go somewhere where they won’t flatter me out of commitment, ”he says jokingly.

He does not play it, but he got into the circuit and in promoting the sport. Another aspect that Valimbri highlights is that it will make compensation for the Cariló community. “I live between Buenos Aires and here. I want to strengthen the community ”, he says. He projected that in the Golf there will be four strategic tanks so that the Firefighters can resupply themselves. He also donated land. And he put his eye on the ecological: “We study well the environmental impact, which will be almost zero.”

The owner of Cariló Golf Club, Nelson Valimbri
The owner of Cariló Golf Club, Nelson ValimbriTomás Cuesta – THE NATION

“The compensations were not necessary because we did not ask for any exceptions. But that fire plan was made because the field has a strategic place in Cariló, it is in the center. We are also giving land for some drains that can alleviate the water that collect in storms, alleviate Divisadero street. And we also give place to make cisterns for running water. We have ceded 15,000 meters of land to the Municipality of Pinamar ”, he indicates.

“It was said that we had requested a change of use, split a lot, change of indicators or change of use, but it was not like that,” he clarifies. Cariló is not cement, it is not that everything is overflowing. It is the magic of the forest, being able to live it and feel it ”.

“In the renders what you see are real heights, the height of the trees is what it is. What we did was include the construction in that place: 60% of the place that is going to be used is already free ”, he specifies.

An image of what the hotel will be like
An image of what the hotel will be likeCourtesy Cariló Golf Club
This is how a part of the hotel will look
This is how a part of the hotel will lookCourtesy Cariló Golf Club
So will be the cabins that are projected
So will be the cabins that are projectedCourtesy Cariló Golf Club

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What will be the luxury complex that will be built in the Cariló forest

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