What are the oldest soccer teams in Latin America and some curious facts about them

Sports similar to soccer Modern technology, which involved mastering a ball with your feet to try to get it into an arc or in a certain space, have existed for thousands of years. Variants have even been found developed by primitive cultures from distant continents such as Asia and Europe, so it can be assumed that, since the beginning of the great civilizations, the human being was interested in similar forms of entertainment.

Today, professional soccer was instituted and regulated by England. The year that is taken as a reference for the official institutionalization of soccer as a sport is 1863, but elements of the Cambridge rules and the Sheffield rules were also taken to consolidate the new sport.

Along with the institutionalization of these rules and with the beginning of the appearance of official entities in the world of soccer, soccer teams were also created. Also in Latin America, with the arrival of new products and new cultural customs brought by immigrants.

What is the oldest equipment on the continent

The oldest equipment is Peru and it was founded by British immigrants who came to this country. It is called Lima Cricket and Football Club, and its original creation date is 1859Therefore, it is even 4 years ahead of the official establishment of football rules in England.

This advance to the date of the creation of football is due to the fact that, in the beginning, it was a cricket team. Then, in 1885, this team merged with the Lima Lawn Tennis Club and they changed their name to Lima Cricket and Tennis Club. And finally, in 1906, they finished establishing their identity as it is known today.

Although it is not a very relevant team in the current panorama, it is very surprising that it has remained in existence for so long and, furthermore, it was the first soccer team to win the Lima Soccer League in 1912. In Nowadays, after having been away from the football circuits for a while during the 90s, he rejoined the district division of San Isidro and disputes promotion to the first division. Another important fact about this club is that it is among the five oldest in the world.

Argentina, a benchmark country in the world of football

If it is about long-standing soccer clubs, Argentina should be the most prominent country in this regard, since it has many clubs with more than 130 years of existence and that they are even very competitive in today’s football. In addition, many of the most important players in the European leagues and even some of the most talented in the world came out of the Argentine league.

The oldest team in this country is the Mercedes Club, which was founded on May 12, 1875 in the city of Mercedes, in the Province of Buenos Aires. Originally, its name was “Social Club”, and it was founded by Dr. Manuel Lanchenhein in order to contribute to the community and develop Mercedes sports activities. Although later it did not have great relevance and it could never become competitive compared to the big River Plate clubs, it is currently still active and is playing the Federal Amateur Regional Tournament of the fourth division of Argentine football.

It is then followed by two other clubs that were created in the same year. The first, for just a few months, is Gimnasia y Esgrima de la Plata, which was founded on June 3, 1887. This team, nicknamed “the Wolf” is still in activity and even had a very good competitive level, already who came to participate in very important tournaments on a continental scale, such as the Copa Libertadores, and on a national scale, such as the Argentine Cup (in which they were finalists in the 2017-18 edition). In addition, another colored fact that can be added to their history is that they were the last team in which Diego Armando Maradona served as technical director, which caused a great furor in the country.

The other Argentine team that is 134 years old is Quilmes Athletic Club, which was founded on November 27, in the city of the same name. Although they have ups and downs, it is at a very good competitive level, since it disputes positions in the First National Division of the AFA, although, sometimes, it is also in the First B. Likewise, it also participated in important competitions to continental scale, such as the Copa Sudamericana in 2004 and the Copa Libertadores, in 2005.

Finally, another of the clubs that have been in existence for more than 130 years in Argentine soccer is the Club Atlético Rosario Central, which was founded on December 24, 1889. The relevance of this team is much greater, since it is located in a very good competitive level and has gone on to win national tournaments and even an official international title, the Conmebol Cup, which was played in 1995. In addition, other of their great achievements as a team from the interior of the country (that is, they are not based in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires or in the Province of Buenos Aires) is that he was the largest winner of official titles in the entire history and it was the first inland team to be founded.

And Brazil? Do you have teams whose foundation is old?

Brazil is one of the countries that boasts one of the most promising professional soccer leagues in the world and, on a global scale, with their national team they conquered 5 world cups. Nevertheless, it does not have equipment that is over 130 years old.

This may be due to the fact that, initially, European customs and traditions took longer to reach this country, which is why it had a much more extensive stage of amateurism. In addition to that, to found a club in those times, certain infrastructure and capital were needed that were not easy to obtain.

The oldest club in Brazil is Flamengo, which was founded on November 15, 1895. Regarding his relevance at a competitive level to date, it can be considered that he has stood out notably and that he is one of the greats of Brazilian football, since he even won an Intercontinental Cup in 1981, which is the title most important on a global scale for a club. As well as they also managed to win the Copa Libertadores on two occasions (1981 and 2019, the latter with an agonizing and heroic triumph in which their star scorer, “Gabigol”, scored two goals in the 89th and 91st minutes) and finished as finalists of the 2021 edition.

Conclusion: why are the oldest clubs not the best?

Although it could be assumed that by having more years playing titles and participating in competitions, these clubs would have more experience and better performance, the data seems to show the opposite. Although there are several clubs that have a very good competitive level, the starting conditions in the amateurism of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century did not determine the subsequent development of the events. So, following this logic, We do not know if the big clubs that win the most important titles today will be able to sustain that trajectory 100 years or more from now., since it is impossible to determine the direction that the future of the world of football will take.

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What are the oldest soccer teams in Latin America and some curious facts about them

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