“We do not compete with companies like IRONMAN and Challenge”

Last week the PTO made official details about the PTO Tour 2022: three tests and 5.5 million dollars in prizes.

In just three appointments, the Professional Triathletes Organization will distribute almost as much money as IRONMAN and World Triathlon in more than a hundred tests.

And in 2023 things will get worse. The PTO looks forward to adding another two great events to its calendar: the PTO Asian Open and the PTO European Open.

But what are the goals of this organization? The PTO has managed to gain a foothold in the world of triathlon, but wants to keep increasing its piece of cake.

Does that mean fighting other organizers like IRONMAN or Challenge? How can more events of this caliber fit into a calendar packed with big events?

This is what Sam Renouf, the executive director of the PTO, has spoken about.

“We don’t want to dominate the calendar”

At the moment, it appears that the PTO has cleverly fitted its new events into next year’s calendar.

Can you live with two IRONMAN world championships, a 70.3 world championships and the events of other great organizers such as CLASH or Challenge?

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Foto: Challenge Daytona

The PTO Tour wants to show that it is. “The focus of the PTO is to adopt the full calendar“, assures its top manager in an interview with Tri247.

And how do you expect to achieve it? In two ways: the first one is do not compete against companies como IRONMAN o Challenge “whose business model is based on the number of events around the world. ” That’s why the PTO’s own calendar only features three events.

The other way to do this is to allow those other events to act as a pass to any PTO Tour event. “Our role in the PTO is that we do not believe that we should dominate the calendar with events from end to end throughout the year. “Renouf assures.

Asia and Europe son an advanced promise for the PTO Tour 2023

Edmonton (Canadá) Y Dallas (EE.UU) are the two new venues that will debut on the 2022 PTO Tour. However, Asia and Europe son an advanced promise for 2023.

Basically it has been COVID that has prevented these future PTO Tour appointments from making their premiere next year. “These things don’t get organized in a month or two, it’s a long process“, dice Renouf.

The PTO team has been behind them for months of work, many conversations and trips, and their new headquarters. “fortunately they have been places that we have been able to visit“.

While acknowledging that there are quite a few breakthroughs for the future, the team has not yet been able to visit the venues that in 2023 could debut as PTO hosts. “So that has obviously set us back on that point.”

The Collins Cup will leave Europe

Although there had already been talk of the possible exit of the Collins Cup of Europe There are two reasons that will keep the great appointment in Slovakia for another year.

The first of them Keep the balance. “The North American market is the largest market in triathlonWe started with Daytona (2020), then Europe (2021 Collins Cup) and that’s why we thought it was important to take our next step with the return to North America, “explains Sam Renouf.

With the arrival of the PTO Canadian Open and the PTO USA Open, Europe had to hold back an event.

collins cup
Photo: PTO

The second motive is “loyalty to our host.” Renouf has been grateful to X-Bionic and Challenge as venues. “They went out of their way to help us hold that event, in the midst of a pandemic, when all other major events were canceled,” says the executive.

“It’s a wonderful place for triathlon, a great place to travel, and so we thought it made perfect sense to keep it there for another year before taking it on the road.”

Next year, when the PTO European Open makes its debut, the Collins Cup will start rolling. “Yes, in 2023 the Collins Cup will be categorically in the United States or somewhere outside of Europe“.

And although at the moment there is not even a trace of his possible whereabouts, Renouf assures that the PTO has “a good idea where it could go on the 23rd, 24th, 25th. There are a lot of conversations going on already. “

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“We do not compete with companies like IRONMAN and Challenge”

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