Volkswagen Golf GTI MK7, the final goodbye to the last Mexican Golf

It’s always been hard for me to say goodbye. To the places, to the people, to the last spoonful of dessert and to the cars. Fire the seventh generation of the Volkswagen Golf GTI It is not so simple knowing that it could be the last in Mexico, and that’s why I asked Volkswagen for one last lap to … say goodbye?

If you look at it coldly, it is clear that the Volkswagen Golf GTI has already finished its life cycle. Its design no longer fits with Jetta’s or Taos’s DNA, much less ID.4’s; the interior does not have a digital instrument panel or VW Play interface. What’s more, no electric parking brake.

Volkswagen Golf Gti Mexico 7

But beyond the visible, the Golf GTI it is still in force in what matters most: driving. This car came into my hands after having tested its successor, and although I confess that the technological proposal of the GTI 8 seemed spectacular to me, the previous model is still tremendously fun and says goodbye before being able to consider that it has expired.

Volkswagen Golf GTI 8, tested: taste of tradition in a fun and balanced hot-hatch (+ video)

OK, yes, in terms of technology and design it has already been passed by the rest of the range – and its rivals – but its expiration date feels premature from the wheel. It is still a highly balanced car, with a touch that is precise and fast enough to be considered fun, but at the same time docile and comfortable to enjoy it on a day-to-day basis. Its charm is there: It is a hot-hatch that is enjoyed on the street at 50 km / h, not only on the track.

I find it curious to talk – and test – a car that is no longer for sale. Units of the farewell Oettinger special edition have already been sold, and the last Golf GTI made in Mexico will go up for auction in a few days. I rarely have to drive a car for which there is no price… because it is no longer manufactured. Before this GTI was retired, I asked to give it a try.

Volkswagen Golf Gti Mexico 2

In the end, what happens around the Volkswagen Golf GTI is the result of a trajectory where affection plays a crucial role. At the time of its exit from the market, the price left it at the same level as a CUPRA León; a car that undoubtedly gives more for your money: more technology, more power and more capabilities. But the Golf GTI has that I don’t know what that, thinking about it a little better, yes I know what it is: a car with history, who has collected fans and who can afford to charge for nostalgia.

Tlalpuhajua 1

Day of the Dead, or how the Golf GTI says goodbye in November

The days that I tested the Golf GTI coincided with the celebration of Día de Muertos, and the fact that it is no longer for sale seemed like a very curious coincidence, especially because of the bond that unites this model with Mexican culture. And even more curious than the auction of the last Golf manufactured in Puebla and the 8th generation test drive be in this month, in which one of the most iconic celebrations in Mexico takes place.

Tlalpuhajua 18

In every corner of the country, November 2 is celebrated Day of the Dead. There are regions where festivals and exhibitions become more iconic. One of them is Michoacan. On Tlalpujahua, for example, tours of Catrinas and Catrines are carried out, and the pueblo participate with the realization of different offerings.

Tlalpuhajua 16

Tlalpujahua It is also known for its mining history and, above all, for being an important producer of christmas spheres. The celebration of Day of the Dead is connected with Christmas through the sale of spheres at a fair that begins on October 9 and ends until December 19. Added to this is a great gastronomic experience, production of preserved fruit, head of beef cooked in a stone oven and traditional pucha bread.

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Volkswagen Golf GTI MK7, the final goodbye to the last Mexican Golf

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