Leonardo Mercé and Sebastián Lassalle completed the 15th last weekend. edition of the traditional test organized by ISS Sports, over a distance of half an ironman. Mercé was seventh in his category and Lassalle 24th in his, in a competition that had it all, as is often the case in a climate like “La Feliz”.

Leo Mercé finished seventh in his category.

The triathlon returned to Mar del Plata with one of the “big” tests that returned after two years, due to the pandemic. The Half ISS Triathlon developed its 15th edition last weekend, and it did so on Sunday over the classic half ironman distance (1900 meters of swimming, 90 km of cycling and 21 km of running), while on Saturday it was carried out a sprint. In any case, the main event underwent a modification due to the unpredictable weather of La Feliz: the waves were so strong that the organization decided to reduce the distance by almost half, leaving it at 1000 meters.

Among the more than 250 triathletes from all over the country who participated in the event, Leonardo Mercé and Sebastián Lassalle from Nicole were on the starting line, who completed the course overcoming various difficulties.

Mercé finished seventh in his category and 33rd. in the general classification, with a time of 4 hours, 32 minutes and 25 minutes. The conesero completed the kilometer of swim in 20m 28s; the 90 km of cycling in 2h 34m and 18s; and the half marathon in 1h 37m and 39s. In his networks, Mercé pointed out that it was his 45th half triathlon. “Top 7 in the difficult 40/44, dodging mechanical problems, but never stopping smiling, still suffering,” he wrote.

Sebastián Lassalle finished 24th in his category (116 overall) with a total time of 5 hours, 7 minutes and 18 seconds. The nicoleño completed the swim in 23m and 29s; the bike stage in 2h 42m and 41s; and running at 2h 01m and 07s. “Tough race, from start to finish. The sea with very hard waves, to the point of having thought of abandoning. Racing in Mar del Plata is beautiful and has these unpredictable things: wind, heat, raging sea … the race I wanted did not turn out. But in a few days there will be revenge in Pucón ”, wrote the nicoleño, referring to the end of the Ironman that will be played in Chilean lands on January 9.

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Sebastián Lassalle suffered but managed to get there, and he is already thinking of Pucón.

The proof

The big winners in Mar del Plata were Agustín Leiro, born in Ituzaingó, and Yanina Minaglia, a native of Escobar. Leiro rounded off a formidable performance and completed the course in 3 hours, 52 minutes, 24 seconds, which does not apply as a record due to the reduction in swimming. The Buenos Aires native came out of the water in the top ten and when pedaling and then running he increased the distance with his pursuers.

He was escorted by the historic Oscar Galíndez, who at the age of 50 returned to fulfill a memorable performance in Mardel (he arrived 7 minutes behind the winner), and third was finished by the Gelsenian Gonzalo Pardo, with a time of 4h03m30s.

The Cordovan Galíndez, who is considered the best Argentine triathlete in history, in this edition for the first time did not take first place in Mar del Plata. He came to this event with six presentations and in all of them he had crossed the finish line first.

In the female branch, Yanina Minaglia was the clear winner in the Triathlon in Mar del Plata with a time of 4 hours, 32 minutes and 13 seconds. After Minaglia, there were four athletes from Mar del Plata who crossed the finish line. Second place went to Clara Debiassi (4h45m51s), the last place on the podium went to Susana Oillataguerre (5h02m28s), an athlete who returned to run the Half Triathlon after 7 seasons and at 49 years old; and fourth finished Mariela Mazzitelli (5h12m16s).

For its part, on Saturday the “Sprint Triathlon” modality was run, a test that had not been done in Mar del Plata since 2009 and which had 300 athletes. Gerónimo Dhereté and Brenda Rosso from Buenos Aires were the big winners in a discipline that consisted of 750 meters of swimming, 20 kilometers of cycling and 5 kilometers of running.

The 23-year-old from Azulejo prevailed over the knights, with a time of 1 hour and 36 seconds. He was escorted by the one born in Haedo, Santiago Beltrán, and the young man from Mar del Plata, Martín Reynoso, 19 years old. In the women’s division, the 31-year-old native of Villa Luzuriaga, Brenda Rosso, was the clear winner with a time of 1h11m19s, while the podium was completed with María Belén González and Candela Lovera from Mar del Plata.

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