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Nardolillo owns the world and also the goal

“This is crazy,” he apologized via Whastapp Ignacio Nardolillo. From the distant city of Bhubaneswar, in India, the player from Saint Martin is discovering what it is to be world champion. “Hand me all you want, but I don’t know if I’ll answer now,” he wrote. What happens is that, no matter how several hours have passed, the most intimate celebrations for obtaining the U21 World title were just beginning. Los Leoncitos, with “Nacho” from the beginning, defeated Germany 4-2 in the final of the tournament.

WORLDWIDE SELFIE. Nardolillo (second ahead) celebrates as soon as the final is over. LA GACETA / PHOTO BY INÉS QUINTEROS ORIO

“When I get there, it will be another madness,” he said imagining Nardolillo. Is that the messages he receives on his cell phone and the repercussions on social networks give him the guideline that when he arrives at “El Jardín de la República” the party will continue. “It will be time to celebrate with family and friends,” he explained. All his colleagues and he deserve many hours of celebration because there were complications involved to get to India. The classification achieved in the Pan American Championship in Chile had an episode of isolation due to coronavirus, rearming of the squad and uncertainty because the tournament was faced with an emergency team. That is why the coronation is enjoyed in a special way.

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Los Leoncitos debuted with a resounding win over Egypt (14-0). The sixth “albiceleste” conquest was achieved by Nardolillo. Then Argentina lost to the Germans, the only defeat in India, and they advanced to the last phase after beating Pakistan 4-3. Once again the man from Tucumán contributed to the cause by scoring the third goal. So good was Nardolillo’s scoring action that, first, his goal was one of the seven selected to compete for the award for the best goal of the World Cup and then he was chosen as such. According to the Instagram of the International Hockey Federation, the victory was by a small margin. The fact is that the half-turn that “Nacho” executed almost on the edge of the area, practically with his back to the goal, had rivals of the highest quality.

After the group stage, in the quarterfinals, Los Leoncitos gave an account of the Netherlands (2-1), who arrived undefeated and with the badge of great candidate. France was the rival of a semifinals that were defined with shoot outs (3-1), after equalizing without goals in the regular period. In the final of the tournament, Argentina not only defeated the most winning team in history, but also far exceeded a dramatic game process: it was ahead until the last quarter, they were tied and regained the advantage, albeit with doubts, at 20 ‘of the closing. Thus Los Leoncitos celebrated a victory that equates the achievement achieved in the 2005 World Cup in Rotterdam.

Los Naranjas were close to the two-time championship

And it could not be. Los Naranjas failed to retain the crown and were left without the possibility of reaching the consecutive two-time championship of the Republic Seven, which was played between Saturday and yesterday in Paraná. they fell in the final of Gold 26 to 14 against Buenos Aires.

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IT COULD NOT BE. Los Naranjas played a great tournament and only Buenos Aires surpassed it.

Tucumán had, in the final stretch, the opportunity to draw or go forward, but those from La Urba defended tooth and nail their ingoal and in a counterattack they finished sentencing history. Before, in the first half, the “Eagles” erased the last champion with a partial of 19 to 0. The Naranjas, injured, took the reins of the second stage and managed to get a shot with the tries of Santiago Paz Possession and Agustin Cortes, plus conversions of both by Nicolas Alviso to be 19 to 14 below. That lasted until Buenos Aires was able to emerge from the siege to which the group of Francisco Aráoz, Ezequiel Faralle and Ricardo Gravano, in order to close the game in his favor and win the crown.

Likewise, the production of the Tucumán team was very positive, since in the quarterfinals they beat Entre Ríos A by a tight 17 to 12, and in the semifinals they left a tough team like Córdoba on the road, which they thrashed 29 to 7. Before, in the qualifying phase, played on Saturday, they had beaten Entre Ríos B, San Juan and Misiones by 41 to 0, 35 to 5 and 36 to 7 respectively.

The headlines of the final were: Santiago Paz Posse, Lisandro Agüero, Agustín Cortés, Ramiro Jimenez, Luciano Chipitelli, Joaquin Bustos and Conrado Aguero.

Buenos Aires raises the glass again after six years. The last time was in 2015, when he added his fourth title in a row (since 2012). With this, the “Eagles” add 16 championships in total, followed by Rosario with five, Capital Federal and Cuyo with three. Tucumán, Córdoba and Salta achieved two each.

The other champions were: Silver Cup for Entre Ríos, which defeated San Juan 19 to 7, while the Bronze Cup was in the hands of Mendoza, who beat Mar del Plata 26 to 12.

The oranges celebrated

Not everything was sadness in the tucuman bunker since the one who contributed the quota of joy was the women’s team, who in this new modality of 15 for them (which was put to the test in Paraná), defeated in the final by just one try ( 5-0) to Córdoba.

The game was very tough and at times stuck, imprecise and with few emotions. It is a new form of dispute for them and it will be until they adapt to the rhythm of 15 against 15.

The Veco title goes to Córdoba

Tala was left with the 34th Veco Villegas. In the final match, although they drew 23-23 against Tucumán Rugby, they won the championship thanks to Friday’s victory, with a bonus, against Lawn Tennis (22-0). It is the first time that the “Rayados” have conquered this tournament. Final positions: 1st Tala, 2nd Tucumán Rugby, 3rd Marista de Mendoza and 4th Lawn Tennis.

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Golf: Núñez 19 °; “Pigu” collapsed

The 115th edition of the Argentina Open (of the PGA Tour Latin America), came to an end and the four from Tucumán in the race, after long and extensive rounds, went through all kinds of experiences. In Nordelta, Augusto Núñez from Yerbabuenean, a three-time Tour winner and best player of the year in 2019, finished as the best of the group: 19th, with a total score of 285 (-3). For his part, the PGA debutant, Martín Contini, climbed five positions and closed the last round 34th, with 287 (-1). In the same position, Andrés Romero was left, with 287 (-1) and eight double bogeys. Surprisingly, “Pigu” dropped 32 positions, after a great third round, where he had finished 2nd and was looking for champion (he became leader yesterday). And second to last in the general table, was César Monasterio, with 299 (+11). On the other hand, Jorge Fernández-Valdés from Cordoba was the champion and won a place for the 2022 British Open.

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In volleyball, bronze for Pérez

The U23 women’s volleyball team won the bronze medal at the Pan American Games in Cali and Valle (Colombia). The Panteritas beat the locals 3 to 1. In the team led by Martín Ambrosini was the player trained in Pellegrini Voley, Nicole Pérez (shirt No. 1 in the photo). Argentina finished in 6th place in the medal table.

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Tucumán sports always go to the fore

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