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Tristan Marguet could not have had a better farewell since, in the company of Robin Froideveaux, he prevailed in the madison of the second and last day of the Track Cycling Challenge in Grenchen (Switzerland), on a day in which Neah Evans finished off his remarkable performance yesterday with the triumph in the omnium, and Ethan Vernon took the two individual tests in which he intervened.

For Alejandro Martínez the second day he stuck to the keirin, where he obtained the twelfth place. The Alicante man could not get the pass in the first round – third, when two qualified – but he did when he won his play-off. In the semifinals he was not lucky either and with the sixth place he was relegated to the final B, where he also repeated the same place. The final A was awarded to the French Sebastien Vigier, retaliating for the defeat in the speed final, ahead of Russian Alexandr Dubchenko and Polish Patrick Rajkowski.

“I finished very happy because after the World Cup I spent a few weeks without training track, only gym, and I have only competed in Portugal and now and I have had good feelings. It has been good for me to do a quality training these two days and earn more points, because I have not been bad. I want to thank Juan Espasandín -organizer of the event- for having invited me and for the great treatment he has had with me these days ”, Martínez told us at the end of the test.

Going back to madison, Marguet and Froideveaux gestated their triumph thanks to a lap won, with which they countered the greater efficiency of Vernon and Oliver Wood in the scores (44 to 37). In fact, thanks to their six points in the last sprint they were able to unseat another Swiss couple, the one formed by Valère Thibaud and Simon Vitzthum, who had also won the lap and had occupied second position until that end.

Vernon confirmed the good moment in a way evidenced yesterday, when he won the omnium, not only in the madison, but in this second day added two other individual triumphs: in the elimination, where he surpassed the Polish Syzmon Sajnok and Vitzthum, and in the scratch, ahead of his compatriot Wood and the Polish Filip Prokopyszyn. Before that, he had not taken part in the score, where there was a hand in hand between Wood and Sajnok in favor of the British, with Vitzthum getting on the podium thanks to his ‘ten’ in the last sprint.

Moving on to the females, Evans left Grenchen with full victories, by winning the omnium. The British had a leathery rival in Lily Williams in the first two tests: Evans won the scratch ahead of the American, but then gave way to this in the tempo race, so both were tied in the middle of the race. But the Scotswoman took off in elimination, where her rival could only be sixth and was even overtaken by Emily Kay. And Evans was worth controlling in the score, where Kay outscored Williams by just two points (112-110), with the winner far ahead at 129.

And finally in speed, highlight the pleasant news that has meant seeing Miriam Vece shine in this discipline, which means a progression in her career, where she normally stood out only in the 500s. The Italian set the best time (11,097) and surpassed the different confrontations to stand in the final against the French Marie-Divine Kouamé –another welcome revelation in Grenchen after yesterday winning the keirin-, which also lost in two sets to the transalpine.


Helena Casas, third in the keirin © Track Cycling Challenge

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Saturday 18 December. 1st day

The Track Cycling Challenge, held today and tomorrow in Grenchen (Switzerland), The most outstanding result has been the third place for Helena Casas in the keirin, which was awarded to the Dutch Laurine Van Riessen ahead of his compatriot Steffie Van der Peet and the Catalan, who signed up at the last minute and despite arriving tired from Brisbane.

For Irene Usabiaga, two independent competitions on the day: eighth place in the elimination, that Laura Kenny was taking, and fourteenth in score, which was awarded the also British Elinor Barker ahead of Kenny. The third competition of the women’s fund, the scratch, did not have the participation of the Spanish, although it did with the same British dominance, Kenny-Barker, who, as expected, together took the madison, winning all the sprints except the second and totaling 40 points, compared to 20 for the Germans Lisa Klein and Franziska Brausse and 16 for the Italians Maria Giulia Confalonieri and Rachele Barbieri.

In the case of men, speed was the closed preserve of the French, who not only set the best times, but also took the podium: in Final A, Sébastien Vigier surpassed Quentin Caleyron and in Final B, Melveen Landerneau, Rafal Sernecki. The omnium was a duel between the British Rhys Britton and Ethan Vernon who could not defeat the Swiss Thery Schir in the end -Winner of the tempo race-, which added 134 points to 128 for Britton, winner of the scratch, and 118 for Vernon, who took the elimination. And although they were registered, Illart Zuazubiskar and Oscar Pelegrí did not start to reserve for the madison in the morning.

The chase, without having John Archibald’s fantastic record from last year (4:09) has been awarded another promising Italian persecutionist -19 years old-, Jonathan Milan, with a time of 4: 15.845 doubling his rival, the Swiss Tristan Marguet. Tomorrow, second and last day with female speed, male keirin and in the case of long distance runners, score, scratch and madison for them and omium for them.


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Track Cycling Challenge: Goodbye to Marguet winning the madison – Ciclo21

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