Total dominance of the San Fernando Club in hockey: he won in men and women, and was consecrated champion of the Metropolitano

San Fernando champion of the Metropolitan

Hockey lived a real party. Among fans, friends, family and former players, Parque Roca was flooded with fans who traveled there to watch their teams play the final stages. As happened in the semifinals, the main court – the one that saw the Leoncitas consecrate themselves in the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games – was the scene of the consecration matches. And it was, the perfect location for crown the Club San Fernando. Yes, in women and men, the yacht club celebrated twice. Total dominance as it happened in the 1982 season.

First it was the women’s turn. In the final match, the team led by Juan Martín López, He beat River on Australian penalties. It was an even game, studied by both parties, who failed to break the goal at zero and thus the penalties had to take center stage. The result -after the 0-0- was 3-2 for the San Fernando players. The one in charge of scoring that last penalty was the juvenile Valentina Bartoli, who plays in the fifth division, and although he did not enter during the game, his pulse did not tremble and he took that last penalty with the tranquility of an experienced one.

For the tricolor team, This last match – the one they had won for the last time in 2002 – marked the farewell to the sport of Sofía Maccari. The 37-year-old player announced that at the end of the season she would stop playing. The possibility of going to the Tokyo Olympics in July and qualifying for the Metropolitan Playoff, extended their goodbye. And, this Sunday, it was the perfect closing. Maccari, a player from the youth categories of the club, was a born leader in this champion team. It is loved, imitated and a reference. He encourages and motivates those around him. That is why this goodbye was special and had to end in the best way. That’s how it was, and that’s how she expressed it after raising the cup and being elected the Best Player of the Match. “It was written, I can die now”, express.

“I can’t believe it, it’s a dream I’ve had since I was little. Whenever I went to bed and imagined this day, and today it happened, I still do not fall. It is something that we wanted a lot with my companions, also fire her to Maccari like this. I do not fall. I think when we jump into the river tonight in San Fernando, capable, there fall and become aware “, he described Eugenia Trinchinetti, after the consecration.

A couple of hours later the closing of the season had him San fernando male champion. In front of GEBA, the tricolor set turned the partial result and celebrated after an electrifying 4-3. In addition, the coaches of the Leoncitos team, world champions in India, were this Sunday, the DTs in the finalist teams. Lucas Rey, was in the bank of San Fernando, while Lucas Cammareri, He did it in GEBA. In addition, he also had the farewell of another reference player, Pedro Ibarra.

It was an intense game, back and forth, dizzying. He started with a dominant GEBA team, where he neatly and as a block built his plays and specified the opportunities he had to go 2-0. San Fernando saw all this happen and could not thread his plays. Failures in defense and disconnections in attack left the tricolor far from reducing the difference on the scoreboard.

But, he kept trying, searching and he was true to his identity. He did not lower his arms, and from the hand of Maico Casella, Matías Rey (MVP and team strategist) and the Merlini brothers, they were combining in attack and by small details they overcame the fence and thus managed to equalize the score.

San Fernando champion of the hockey Metropolitan.

San Fernando Metropolitan hockey champion.

San Fernando Metropolitan hockey champion.

That battle, he was leaning to the side of San Fernando, who in two final plays turned the result and shouted champion. The precise combination between Rey, Casella and the definition of Guido Barreiros sentenced the duel. A 4-3 for history, a result that reflects his effort, study and the emotional charge of the game. Both wanted it, after 2020 without a full hockey season, this title is the renewal, the desire for the sport to grow. That sense of belonging, the love for the club, the hunger for glory.

Today, San Fernando dressed as the total champion of Metropolitan hockey. Today, as happened in 1982, when both teams celebrated the championship, the tricolor club is celebrating. A club with a neighborhood history, family history, love of sports and friends. A club where hockey is breathed. All its people were present in the Olympic Park to encourage their schools. Now, all its people accompany their champion players in a caravan to the club, where – imagine – it will be a total party.

In the run-up to the final matches, the matches for third place were played. On the feminine side, Lomas beat GEBA 2-0 on Australian penalties. While, Miter won 3-2 against Banco Provincia.

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Total dominance of the San Fernando Club in hockey: he won in men and women, and was consecrated champion of the Metropolitano

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