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Sunday, January 02, 2022 | 6:00 a.m.

The rapper Trueno, who has just finished successfully crowning the farewell tour of Atrevido, a transitional album that laid the foundations for its expansion into the urban scene, is now enjoying the viral success of Dance Crip with which he hopes to “re-signify the culture of the hip hop ”from a“ more musical ”and“ organic ”search.

“Representing hip hop, my neighborhood and my people, is like something unconscious. It is something that happens without much thought because it is who we are, “the 19-year-old artist from La Boca told Télam about his current situation, who, since he burst into the battles, has not stopped expanding his figure within the Argentine scene .

Announced as one of the strong bets of the first edition of the “Dolores Rock Experience” Festival -which will take place on April 16 and 17, 2022-, Mateo Palacios Corazzina shared his feelings about mixing on the grid with exponents of other genres : “It’s good not to be pigeonholed into anything and share. And not to say ‘I am this or I am the other’, because we are all part of an Argentine movement ”.

“I feel that I can nourish myself a lot and that I can also offer a lot of what I know. It’s like an adaptation to something new on both sides, ”added the former national champion of Red Bull Batalla and FMS Argentina, the two main freestyle battle competitions in the country.

After spending three consecutive nights at the Gran Rex Theater in Buenos Aires, the singer recently passed through Córdoba, Tucumán and Rosario, the last stops of a tour with which he also conquered the Spanish public in his tour of nine cities.

For the presentations of “Atrevido Tour” you put together a very rock band. What did you find in that format? Are you going to continue this lineup?

I really wanted to put together a band because I realized that the intention of the live was going to change a lot. It is not the same to have people playing next to you and sharing the moment; people’s energy is different than if you do it with a clue. We are going to continue as we are, but with a little more structure on stage, which is something that is not yet one hundred percent as we dream of. I have a lot of hand in playing new songs with the band, much more than the public has to listen to them.

Your latest single, “Dance Crip” takes as its starting point the classic “Rapper’s Delight” by The Sugar Hill Gang that played at the end of your shows. Is the concept of your new album more related to those influences and to claiming those origins of hip hop?

Representing hip hop, the neighborhood and my people is like something unconscious: it is something that happens without much thought because it is who we are. After digging into a bunch of different boom baps and exploring a bunch of genres, I started to realize the ‘quirks’ that I had yet to fulfill. This is how “Dance Crip” was born, from tastes that I am giving myself and that people, luckily, later enjoy. I think it’s my song where there are more musicians. There are a lot of people involved and, capable, before the songs we used to do in a more digital way, as in “Atrevido”. Now, I try to go organic, for native music, trying to generate an ensemble in a song, where there are more heads and various visions. It may take much longer to produce, but it also takes it to another level like the one we are achieving with this album, with a sound that is ours. Tatool and Brian Taylor (producers) are the captains of the team, the 8th and 10th of the team. This new album brings a much more musical search, but I will always raise the flags of hip hop because it is what I am made of. It is impossible to avoid it, it is what I am.

What relationship did you have with the ‘crip walk’ (dance style derived from a gang ritual) on which both the song and the video are based?

I listen to a lot of music from the United States, a lot of G-Funk and hip hop from there. I am always aware of the new and the old as well. And I always danced to “bounce”; I did the ‘crip walks’, and I wanted to put it. I had done “GPS”, which has something like funk more West Coast, slower, more Snoop Dogg and from the 2000s. So I felt like I was missing that happy hip hop, like partying, in the style of “Rapper’s Delight”, MC Hammer, Run DMC, who made songs to play at parties. For me, it’s about resignifying the culture that gave me everything I learned. It’s my way of giving it back to him in the way that I can and that is good for me.

You also included a sample of “Coolo” in the song. How was the contact with the Kuryaki and what relationship did you have with their work?

Luckily I have a very good relationship with them. With Dante (Spinetta) I talk a lot; we’re even making music together. We have a topic that we have to finish. My father (MC Peligro) has known them for a long time and I have listened to them since 2005, but more under the influence of my mother. When I discovered them, it seemed to me that it was super related to hip hop. I was impressed that it was something native to Argentina, with a sound related a bit to Cypress Hill and Control Machete, which in Mexico was super normalized and is not understood here. They brought him out of nowhere and made him super Argentine.

Do you have your sights set on getting out of the country more and taking your music to other parts of the world? What can you anticipate about the international collaborations that will be on this new album?

Yes, always, it also happened to me with the neighborhood. At the beginning I was like very much into my neighborhood, very closed in that concept and I began to realize that, instead of looking inside, I also had to go outside, but with the neighborhood on my back. And that’s my idea about leaving the country, doing it with Argentina on my back. Regarding the guests, I still don’t know what I want or where we are going to go, but I’m on the lookout. We are just closing the album, at the time of defining the ‘featurings’. But when it comes to looking for them, I want to see who is vibrated with, who represents what we want to say and who does not. The idea is that the name of Argentina is always there, big.

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Thunder, the rage of Dance Crip and the flags of hip hop | EL TERRITORIO news from Misiones.

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