This Monday begins the 20th edition of the Uruguay Open, the oldest Challenger in Latin America

“Yesterday I found out that we are the oldest Challenger tournament in Latin America,” began Diego Pérez, director of the Uruguay Open, the most important professional tennis competition held in the country and which in 2021 celebrates its 20 editions.

In the press conference, which was attended by Remo Monzeglio, undersecretary of the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur), Sebastián Bauzá and Dr. Pablo Ferrari (secretary and undersecretary of the National Secretariat of Sports (Senade), Uruguayan tennis authorities, of the Carrasco Lawn Tennis and sponsors, Pérez also recalled the beginnings of the event, and the importance it has.

“We decided years ago to put the country on the world tennis calendar, and that is why at a certain moment we decided that the tournament be called the Uruguay Open, and not the name of a brand,” he said.

He also reported that two of the players who were registered to participate in the tournament, the Argentines Facundo Báez and Juan Manuel Cerúndolo, will not do so because they will play the Next Gen Masters, in Milan.

“This type of tournament is so important that the best Latin American players arrive. They are so good tennis players that two South Americans qualified for the ATP Under 21 Masters for the first time, and they were scored to play the Uruguay Open. Anyway, we will have at least four top 100 in the world ”, explained Pérez.

Monzeglio, for his part, noted his joy at this tournament taking place for “having cultivated this sport most of my life.”

The launch of the Uruguay Open 2021 had several national and tennis authorities

“Those of us who have lived in other countries really know the importance of having postcards like this one, of the importance of sport and of the international diffusion that the tournament has, which for us is fundamental,” he added.

Sebastián Bauzá, for his part, said he was convinced “that these events serve not only for athletes from various countries to come, but also for the whole world to talk about us and position us.”

“It will be a success because here there is 20 years of experience that supports it,” he said.

The Uruguay Open will be played between November 8 and 14 on the courts of the Carrasco Lawn Tennis Club, and four top 100 topped the list of players registered to participate of the same, including the current champion, the Spanish Jaume Munar, winner in 2019, the last edition that was played, pre-pandemic.

Participant histories

The history generated by the tournament at this time was forged by huge tennis players who passed through the club’s facilities leaving their magic.

Among those who were champions in Montevideo, plus those who played, but did not win the tournament are Gastón Gaudio, David Nalbandian, Mariano Zabaleta, Juan Ignacio Chela, Fernando González, Nicolás Massú, Nicolás Lapentti. Also stories like Guillermo Cañas, who participated after being suspended and won the tournament before beating Roger Federer in Indian Wells and Miami.


As usual, the invitation to attend the Uruguay Open is not only to witness the best tennis. Again on Arocena street there will be food trucks, live music and games in the different spaces of the sponsors.

In this way, in addition to entering the stands, essential to continue providing the heat of the spectators to the players and generating the unique atmosphere of the tournament, also during the stay in the vicinity of the club there will be plenty of recreational space.

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This Monday begins the 20th edition of the Uruguay Open, the oldest Challenger in Latin America

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