They work in the internal and external entrances of the bus terminal –

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The architect Marcelo Balestrasse, secretary of Public Works and Services, spoke with Grupo La Verdad about three important works: the viaduct, the bus terminal and the new Ministry of Health and the Sanitary Unit of Barrio Belgrano.

He began by talking about the issue of the ending and stressed that “se is working on the accesses to the new terminal but we are waiting for the financial advances. The two works have already been awarded: the interior part, to the Rowing company and the exterior to the Guigivan company, from Chacabuco. Rowing is working on the floors, where the electric station goes, the bicycle storage area, for those who want to leave it there and travel. The strong work rhythm will be in December ”.

Meanwhile, “on the outside, such as the roundabout, the entrances and the lighting, they have already started with earthworks and soil studies,” he said.

The viaduct
Regarding how the work is going on the viaduct that will be built on Rivadavia street, he remarked that “the company has already started with the previous works to modify the sewer system and the environmental impact studies. The times are being fulfilled accordingly, the work is not paralyzed and it is carried out according to a schedule. A public hearing was held and part of the executive project presented by the company was shown there for people to interpret. Now, you have to make the scale plans, wait for the approval of the ADIF (Administrator of Railway Infrastructures), the CNRT (National Transport Regulation Commission) and by the Municipality, the company has time until January 5 to present the definitive project ”.

“It lacks the approval and correction and, from there, it begins. Although the work has already begun, with preliminary work, but the excavation and the piles will not be done until February next year because there are deadlines to meet. The work is budgeted and the company has 6 months to deliver the final project. Then, the work schedule estimates two years of completion, “he explained.

Health Secretary
As Grupo La Verdad had already anticipated, the new Ministry of Health would be built on the Beto Mesa property, in Primera Junta and Alvear. In the same place, the Belgrano neighborhood Sanitary Unit will be erected.

Balestrasse stated that “it is a work that is at a good pace and it began 15 days ago. They will be located between the Beto Mesa and the Civil Registry, which was the old railway oxygen station. It is a two-story building that is painted white and blue. On the ground floor there will be the CAPS in the Belgrano neighborhood, which will be modern and comfortable, with an entrance area for ambulances. It will be the largest in Junín, since the neighborhood deserves it. On the upper floor, there will be the new Ministry of Health, with offices, a pharmacy and meeting rooms ”.

“The idea is to gradually remove some areas of the city center, where the place is more accessible to the population, since they are very required,” he concluded.

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They work in the internal and external entrances of the bus terminal –

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