They got together to resolve diplomatic conflicts and ended up playing ice hockey!

During 2021, issues related to the coronavirus pandemic captured the focus of the scene and left aside much of what was happening in the world at this time. So much so that one of the news that passed a bit was the sending of migrants to the Polish border by Belarus. Beyond the fact that the issue did not pass to greater in terms of violence and, much less, warlike terms, the movements of the Belarusian regime did not go down well at all in the international environment. In that sense, Alexander Lukashenko, president of that country, lost strength at the international level. However, there was a first president who came out to support him: Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, and Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus, played an ice hockey game. (AP)

Before the end of the year, both political leaders met in Saint Petersburg to solve certain problems between nations (repayment of loans, mainly). Beyond that, The curious thing happened outside the diplomatic environment since once the meeting was over they went to an ice hockey rink and faced each other in a friendly match in which laughter and good vibes predominated, according to local media.

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The love of the President of Russia for sport is known. In fact, he has practiced several since he was little. For example, he excelled at judo during his teens. Despite his busy schedule and limited scope for physical activity, he devotes an intense 15 minutes to a routine led by crossfit athlete Alexei Nemtsov. Movements on a rowing machine, stretches with an Olympic bar, push-ups and throws with a measurement ball are some of the exercises he repeats every morning.

Outside of his job as president, Putin is an outstanding sportsman.  (AP)

Outside of his job as president, Putin is an outstanding sportsman. (AP)

Putin provided directions for his team.  (AFP)

Putin provided directions for his team. (AFP)

On the other hand, Putin tries to find a place for swimming, ice hockey, diving and, in winter, skiingr. Since his return to power in 2012, multiple sporting events have been held in different cities of the bi-continental giant (part of Russia is in Europe and another in Asia). The Sochi Grand Prix is ​​already a fixture on the Formula 1 calendar. In turn, the World Cup was held in 2018 and the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014.. Not to mention the importance and the strong investment in chess tournaments. In addition, on his vacation he enjoys fishing and hiking.

The President of Russia with Hamilton.  (AP)

The President of Russia with Hamilton. (AP)

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“Putin and I met during a sambo competition in which we trained together. It served him as sparring. The president is still going out on the tartan. He is in good shape and has technique,” Vasili Shestakov, president of the International Federation, said in 2019 de Sambo, in an interview with the EFE news agency. Now, what is Sambo? It would be a kind of self-defense without weapons, also known today as Mixed Martial Arts.

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They got together to resolve diplomatic conflicts and ended up playing ice hockey!

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