These are the new triathlon rules that will go into effect in 2022

Just a few hours ago, in an official statement on its website, World Triathlon has announced some of the new rules that will come into force from next January 1, 2022.

The Executive Council of the International Federation has met for several days to discuss some topics for the next season: from the calendar to the strategic plan, going through the review of the situation of the sponsorships or the financial situation.

The Duathlon Cross will have its official world championship

Regarding the calendar, one of the great novelties comes with the decision of the Board of add the Cross Duathlon to the Multisport Festival program as an official discipline of the world championships.

This measure will be released already in the next appointment dated: the 2022 Targu Mures Multisport World Championships.

In addition, a new Paratriathlon World Cup in Alanya will have been included in the calendar and it is expected that new dates will be announced in the coming days to complete the 2022 competitive calendar.

New rules effective as of January 1, 2022

As reported in its release, the Executive Council of the World Triathlon has also approved “a broad revision of the rules that will apply from January 1, 2022“.

Among them, the international body points to “increased penalties for swimming behavior” and a important change in the regulations on the use of neoprene in age groups.

Until now, those athletes aged 50 and over have been allowed a wetsuit regardless of the water temperature. The rule changes and it will not be until the age of 60 that neoprene can be used regardless of the weather conditions.

There will also be changes in terms of use of couplings and extension bars: they will be totally prohibited in drafting races as of 2023.

Although it has not given details about it, World Triathlon has also indicated that “some cycling positions will be banned with immediate effect. ”

In the absence of confirmation, it is assumed that the Triathlon Federation will carry out measures similar to those applied by the UCI a few months ago when prohibiting certain dangerous positions such as the one known ‘ball bug’ the ‘supertuck’.

Important news in the mixed relay format and in the rankings

It seems that World Triathlon has listened to the demands of a triathlon sector and finally it will be the girls who cross the finish line in the mixed relay.

Now the order will be man – woman – man – woman. Measure it will be valid until the end of 2024 and it will be applicable to all levels of evidence.

2020 tokyo triathlon mixed relay
Photo: ITU Media // Korupvision

When it comes to rankings, World Triathlon aims at “some modifications to award more points to regional and continental events“, however he has not given details at the moment.

A measure that could be very good for young people: a higher score in tests of this caliber will allow them greater possibilities of climbing places in the world ranking.

The Executive Committee has also approved a proposed dates for the Olympic qualification for Paris 2024: from May 27, 2022 to May 27, 2024.

However, this must be validated by the International Olympic Committee and it will be then that World Triathlon confirms the events that count towards the Olympic classification, as well as the complete classification criteria.

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These are the new triathlon rules that will go into effect in 2022

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