The return of cycling or bikers shorts

Who would have thought that a cycling or gym shoe would become an urban garment for today’s woman? Well, the answer is yes and that’s how Europe began to show it. The great point in favor of this item is that it highlights the playful side of fashion and that it opens the game to mixing styles.

The key to wearing them is to achieve a contrast between the original and at the same time, have a thought focus. The idea is to take away the one hundred percent sporty style and play with the mix and with the garments of different volumes.

If you do not dare to wear them alone, you can complement them with another garment such as a dress or a miniskirt. Towering shoes, such as stilettos or sandals, and even ugly sneakers – gym-type sneakers, which are all the rage – can give a good final point to the outfit.

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Fashion experts comment that they are currently used with new trends and colors, including neon. Suggested combinations are a checkered or neutral-colored blazer, an oversized shirt or jacket -that highlights the retro style-, a net blouse, a basic T-shirt with an important belt or a top -for the most daring.

There are different versions and they adapt to different body types. We give you a guide to choose the most appropriate ones:

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* If you have short legs, it is best to avoid leggings that reach the knees. The shorter the length, the more stylized the legs will look. In addition, it is convenient to leave out very strident or light colors.

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* For those women with little hips and skinny legs, versions with larger prints or bright colors (such as fuchsia or turquoise, which will be all the rage this summer) will be ideal to give more volume.

* For its part, the most stylized effect will be achieved with shorts in neutral tones – with black as the main alternative – and monochromatic looks.

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How to wear biker shorts and succeed

Watch out for these looks! Because it may be one of the most controversial trend of the season, but if you wear it well, it is also the coolest of all.

Next, you will see how to use this piece to put together different looks with style, from some informal to others more casual. You will learn how to use those shorts that you thought were only for being at home or exercising, combining them with some pieces that will elevate your outfit, such as “oversize jackets” and military shoes. Look and follow the trend!

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– With the white shirt of all life. That is, the easiest way to combine it, especially if you add white tennis shoes.

– With a blazer or jean hood.

– Is there a better way to wear the most difficult garment than with the most chameleonic and classic garment in your closet? Well no. Under a mini dress

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– The street style imposes, and the brands have it.

– With high boots and blazer

– Say yes to patterned biker shorts

– Con chunky sneakers

– But be careful, with what you wear on top! You have to create a balance between the sporty and the fashion of the look.

– Say yes to oversized

– Being tight they allow you to wear XL garments and be the coolest of the moment, especially if you add a pair of high heels.

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– With floss heles. But what are floss heels? Well, they are the strappy sandals of a lifetime. That is to say, those heeled sandals with ultra-thin strips of a 90s soul and irremediably sexy, which adorn while supporting the foot.

Bet everything on black. Because a total black look never fails.

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The return of cycling or bikers shorts

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