The PTO will distribute in 3 tests almost as much money as IRONMAN and World Triathlon in more than 100

Although it was something we had known for days, the PTO yesterday made official the launch of the PTO Tour: una especie de ATP Tour o PGA Tour –taking the tennis and golf references- that during the next year will bring together all the triathletic attention.

The organization’s plans to change the landscape of professional racing are quite ambitious: in 2022 the PTO Tour will debut PTO Canadian Open en Edmonton Y PTO U.S. Open en Dallas, which will join the already well-known Collins Cup, which returns to Samorin.

However, things will continue to grow in 2023 with the arrival of the PTO Asia Open and PTO European Open to a circuit that wants to emulate the Grand Slam of tennis, but that will have a big difference compared to them: the age groups will compete in the same weekend and the same setting as his idols.

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The PTO will be the leader in awards for one more year

Although we do not yet have data for 2021, we do know that in 2020 the PTO became the best payer in the world of triathlon with a total payment that approached almost four million euros and that accounted for 84% of all the money distributed by the main organizers of the professional triathlon.

The data for this year remains to be known, which we hope can be published Trirating soon, and where the PTO is likely to lead again.

However, we are already clear that, next year, the Professional Triathletes Organization will have no rival. The renowned journalist Brad Culp has already warned on his Twitter account: “With $ 5.5 million in prizes, the new world tour @protriorg will pay so much money to professional triathletes in just three races like @worldtriathlon and @IRONMANtri do in more than 100 combined races “

To the two million dollars that he will distribute in his annual bonus, there are one million dollars for the PTO Canadian Open in Edmonton, one million for the PTO US Open and one and a half million for the Collins Cup.

Although Culp’s data is not totally true, the reality is that in only three events (and in his final bonus) the Professional Triathlon Organization will distribute almost the same money as IRONMAN and the World Series in more than a hundred.

To put this in context: based on data provided by TriratingIn 2019, the last year of complete normality before the arrival of the pandemic, IRONMAN distributed a total of 4.6 million dollars (in Full and 70.3 tests), while the World Series offered a total prize of 2.1 million.

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Photo: IT // Petko Beier

In total, the cast amounted to 6.8 million in a global count of 115 events. The PTO Tour and the end of the year bonus will mean $ 5.5 million in just three tests. Judge for yourself.

Although World Triathlon has increased its bonus to $ 1 million in 2022, the World Series prize is still light years away from events like those of the PTO: in 2021 each WTS distributed $ 150,000, except for the Grand Final, which offered 280,000 Dollars.

With these data on paper, it is not surprising that it is increasingly common to see short distance athletes making the leap to medium and long distance: in this last year Gustav Iden, Kristian Blummenfelt, Vincent Luis or Jelle Geens, among others , have been seen in these events.

We will see how things go in 2022, but it is clear that IRONMAN and the old ITU have it increasingly complicated.

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The PTO will distribute in 3 tests almost as much money as IRONMAN and World Triathlon in more than 100

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