The Lawn Tennis Club does not want to lose the 2021 edition of its Professional Tournament – Esperanza day by day

“Depending on the rehabilitations that may arise soon, the Lawn Tennis Club Esperancino is already making the arrangements to be able to have again the new edition of the traditional Professional Tennis Tournament, so as not to lose the 2021 edition, as happened last year”, said the club’s activities coordinator, Professor Plantón.

For some time now, a dialogue has been generated with the coordinator of these professional competences, “Lucho” Coudannes, “with the intention of being able to specify the possibility of holding another professional contest in the city of Santa Fe, together with the LTCE, and perhaps San Carlos Centro, allowing players from all over the country to have fluid competition in a few weeks in a row, avoiding travel expenses, “he said, then adding that” the initial idea points to the month of October. That is the month that the Argentine Tennis Association would be requested to be uploaded to the official calendar ”.


Fabián Plantón also wanted to thank, as always, “the support and accompaniment of the partners for the development of activities, with absolute responsibility. The whole society understood the situation and supported us. The activities are always carried out under protocol in the best way, adapting to the schedules that are being set, both in the different tennis groups and in the different disciplines of the pool ”.


In the competition group, the tennis players had been enthusiastic about the launching of the dispute pitch of a Regional Tournament for the end of this month of July, but “since they did not receive the authorization of competitions from the Province of Santa Fe, it was due postpone its completion again. It was planned that what was called National Grade 2 would be played in El Trébol. They were preparing to intervene in Sub 16 Bernardo Gay and Genaro Templado. They were also going to do it, the cousins ​​Auce, Juliana and Malena, but in Rosario, within the scope of the Santa Fe Federation ”, he expressed.

He pointed out that “it was going to be a good measurement for everyone, the tennis players and the organization, because it was thought that it would be developed with restrictions, protocol, without an audience, but at least to give it a certain touch of competition, returning in some way to it. . Necessary. But we will have to keep waiting ”.

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Also for the end of this month of July the participation of the youth of the LTCE, Elián Vener in a Professional Tournament that is programmed in Salta is announced. “Elián has been preparing like all the competition boys, and he would take advantage of this date to venture into a professional appointment within the scope of the AAT”.


With regard to swimming, Professor Plantón wanted to highlight “the constant training work that the competition group continued to carry out, with Professor Oscar Colombo. They never got off the practices, apart from having no prospects for competencies. “

“That is why – he added – the Santa Fe Swimming Federation (FESANA) has already been asked for dates for a Toreno at the federated level and a promotional one. As well as a day for taking times, in order to evaluate the swimmers for future presentations, having improved their performance. The Federation could set records that would serve to have the possibility of facing competitions outside the province, and why not evaluations of an international nature, such as qualifiers for South America, for example ”.


The Coordinator wanted to assess the progress made by another of the activities carried out in the entity. “Taekwon-Do with a new instructor, Héctor Frutos, replacing Ricardo Wittmann who left the city, has been evolving very well. It is that they continue to add new students for their development and that speaks very well of the call that exists, adding to the traditional social life that the LTCE has ”.

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The Lawn Tennis Club does not want to lose the 2021 edition of its Professional Tournament – Esperanza day by day

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