The 2022 edition begins with sixteen first-rate dreams

The National Men’s Volleyball League will be launched today, with the participation of 16 teams from a dozen provinces, including the Rivadavia Library and Trinitarios from our city.
As in 2021, the LNVM will be held in our city, repeating the single venue, and by majority decision of the participating teams. Unlike the previous one, it will be played in an unfolded way, with 16 teams and with all the activity concentrated in the new Sports Hall.
The first phase will be played between today and Sunday 16, with the teams divided into two zones and playing all against all; While the second phase, again in our city, will be played between February 19 and 26, where a Championship Zone will be played, with the first four from each zone of the first phase, and a Permanence, with the last four.

Administrative day
Yesterday was an administrative day for all teams. In turn, and with protocol, each delegate or manager of the teams completed the formalities of submitting team lists, player cards and other requirements to complete the registrations and be enabled to play the tournament.
While some teams arranged a training shift, and others enjoyed the warm day, taking advantage of the river or strolling through the city.

The teams
Unlike the previous season, which had 30 teams (another two had to go down due to having some infected players) this edition will be played with 16, including several of the teams that were among the first places and achieved the classification to this year’s tournament.
Of the 16 that registered to participate, 15 have already participated in 2021. There will be teams from Corrientes, Santa Fe, Entre Ríos, Santa Cruz, the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Tucumán, Salta, San Luis, Buenos Aires, Chaco and Córdoba.
This is how the zones are formed:
Zone A: Corrientes Regatta Club, Santa Fe Regatta Club, San Jerónimo Norte Libertad Club (Santa Fe), Calafate Municipal Volleyball Association (Amuvoca), Paraná Rowing Club (Paraná), Ferro Carril Oeste Club; Instituto Carlos Pellegrini (Tucumán) and Salta Vóley.
Zone B: San Lorenzo de Almagro, Lafinur Athletic Club, Sarmiento de Resistencia Club (Chaco), Villa María Trinitarios, Rosario Normal School 3, Tucumán de Gimnasia Club (Tucumán), Rivadavia Library of Villa María and Estudiantes de La Plata.
From this phase, the first four will qualify for the Championship Round and from fifth to eighth place they will do so in the Permanence Zone.

With public
Another modification with respect to the 2021 edition is that this year’s tournament will be attended by the public. Admission will be $ 200 per day and it will be a requirement to have a sanitary pass and mandatory use of the chinstrap inside the stadium, which will have a capacity of 80%.
From today until Sunday the first phase of the tournament will be played. The second will be in February. There will be sixteen teams from ten federations seeking the dream of achieving promotion to the Argentine League.

Two villagers
Trinitarios and Rivadavia will be in this national competition again. For the “Canaries” it will be their sixth participation in the tournament of the second national division (previously called A2) and for the “Dairy” the second presence.
In both cases, more than 95% of their teams are players trained in these institutions, several of them from the children’s categories. Only Rivadavia will have a reinforcement. This is the point guard Exequiel Muñoz, from La Calera, who arrives after the injury suffered by the player “Canario” Genaro Alaniz.
The curious fact of this edition is that the two villagers will share the same group, so they will face each other for the first time in a national tournament with first division teams. There are in memory a couple of games played against each other by the Argentine Cup, in minor divisions, but next Friday, from 9:00 p.m., will be a particular day in the history of both Villamarian institutions.

The tournament will be played between today and Sunday, where the teams will play everyone against everyone in their area and with a free day that will be Thursday. All the games will be in the New Sports Hall, where two fields have been set up. In the first four days the teams from Zone B will play in the morning shifts (9 and 11 hours) and those of A in the afternoon (19 and 21 hours).
Between Friday and Sunday, the order will be changed, and the teams from Zone A will play in the morning and those from Zone B, in the afternoon.

All matches will be broadcast through the YouTube channel of the Argentine Volleyball Federation. In total there will be 8 per day and 2 simultaneous in each shift of the fixture. Those who want to follow the matches, should enter the address:

All the games
This is the complete program of matches of the first phase
Sunday, January 9 – First date

Zone B: 9 hours: San Lorenzo vs. Club Atlético Lafinur (court 1) and Escuela Normal 3 vs. Tucumán de Gimnasia (court 2); 11 hours: Club At. Sarmiento vs. Trinitarios Volleyball (1) and Rivadavia Library vs. Students of La Plata Club (2).
Zone A: 19 hours: Regattas Corrientes vs. Regatas Santa Fe (1) and Paraná Rowing vs. Ferro Carril Oeste (2). 9 pm: Club Libertad (SJN) vs. Amuvoca (1) and Instituto Pellegrini vs. Jump Volleyball (2).

Monday, January 10 – Second date
Zone B: 9 hours: Club Estudiantes (LP) vs. Tucumán de Gimnasia (court 1) and San Lorenzo vs. Club Atl. Sarmiento (field 2); 11 hours: Rivadavia Library vs. Club Atl. Lafinur (1) and Trinitarios Vóley vs. Normal School 3 (2)
Zone A: 19 hours: Jump Volleyball vs. Amuvoca (1), Club Libertad (SJN) vs. Regattas Santa Fe (2); 9 pm: Regattas Corrientes vs. Paraná Rowing (1) and Instituto Pellegrini vs. Ferro Carril Oeste (2).

Tuesday, January 11 – Third date
Zone B: 9 hours: Normal School 3 vs. Club At. Sarmiento (1) and Tucumán de Gimnasia vs. Club At. Lafinur (2); 11 hours: San Lorenzo vs. Rivadavia Library (1) and Trinitarios Vóley vs. Students of La Plata Club (2).
Zone A: 7:00 p.m.: Pellegrini Institute vs. Paraná Rowing (1) and Amuvoca vs. Ferro Carril Oeste (2); 9 pm: Volleyball Jump vs. Regattas Santa Fe (1) and Regattas Corrientes vs. Club Libertad (2).

Wednesday, January 12 – Fourth date
Zone B: 9 hours: Club Estudiantes (LP) vs. Club At. Sarmiento (1) and San Lorenzo vs. Normal School 3 (2); 11 hours: Trinitarios Volleyball vs. Club Atlético Lafinur (1) and Rivadavia Library vs. Tucumán de Gimnasia (2).
Zone A: 19 hours: Regattas Corrientes vs. Instituto Pellegrini (1) and Salta Vóley vs. Club Libertad (2); 9 pm: Ferro Carril Oeste vs. Regattas Santa Fe (1) and Amuvoca vs. Paraná Rowing (2).
Thursday, January 13 –

Friday, January 14 – Fifth date
Zone A: 9 hours: Corrientes vs. Volleyball Jump (1) and Paraná Rowing vs. Regattas Santa Fe (2); 11 am: Amuvoca vs. Instituto Pellegrini (1) and Club Libertad (SJN) vs. Ferro Carril Oeste (2).
Zone B: 19 hours: Students (LP) vs. Escuela Normal 3 (1) and Trinitarios Vóley vs. Rivadavia Library (2); 9 pm: Club At. Sarmiento vs. Club Atl. Lafinur (1) and San Lorenzo vs. Tucumán de Gimnasia (2).

Saturday, January 15 – Sixth date
Zone A: 9 hours: Club Libertad (SJN) vs. Paraná Rowing (1) and Ferro Carril Oeste vs. Jump Volleyball (2); 11 hours: Pellegrini Institute vs. Regattas Santa Fe (1) and Regattas Corrientes vs. Amuvoca (2).
Zone B: 19 hours: San Lorenzo vs. Students (1) and Lafinur vs. Normal 3 (2), 9:00 p.m.: Trinitarios Volleyball vs. Tucumán de Gimnasia (1) and B. Rivadavia vs. Sarmiento (2).

Sunday, January 16 – Seventh date
Zone A: 9 hours: Regattas Santa Fe vs. Amuvoca (1) and Instituto Pellegrini vs. Freedom (2); 11 hours:
Regattas Corrientes vs. Ferro Carril Oeste (1) and Paraná Rowing vs. Jump Volleyball (2).
Zone B: 7 pm: Sarmiento vs. Tucumán de Gimnasia (1) and Lafinur vs. Students (2); and 21 hours:
Trinitarios Volleyball vs. San Lorenzo (1) and B. Rivadavia vs. Normal School 3 (2).

Squad of Trinitarios

N ° Player Position Age
1 Vilella, Santiago Armador 20
2 Rossi, Santiago Punta catcher 28
3 Delgado, Julian Opposite 27
4 Luna, Martín Punta receiver 31
5 Giorgi, Franco Central 27
6 Simoni, Luciano Central 23
7 Mago, Joaquín Punta catcher 23
8 Roberti, Lorenzo Central 21
9 Seia, Federico Punta receptor 22
10 Passucci, Facundo Central 26
11 Gatti, Hernán Central 38
12 Coria, Matías Libero 24
13 Zernotti, Emilio Armador 17
14 Camps, Tomás Armador 33
15 Cavagnero, Joaquín Líbero 19
16    Arnaudi, Santiago    Punta receptor    16
17 Capriotti, Juan Manuel Opposite 24
18 Acquesta, Lorenzo Libero 17
19 Senyk, Tomás Central 17
Coach: Coria, Claudio
Assistant 1: Ortiz, Juan Pablo
Assistant 2: Gallo, Carolina
Physical trainer: Grappi, Lucas

Rivadavia squad
N ° Player Position Age
1 De Zárate, Rodrigo Central 31
2 Ribone, Andrés Punta 30
3 Pesci, Esteban Opposite 30
4 Giraudo, Nicolás Central 27
5 Bovo, Maximiliano Opposite 26
6 Zone, Tomás Opposite 24
7 Costas, Lisandro Punta receiver 26
8 Longo, Valentín Armador 20
9 Jaime, Nicolás Punta catcher 18
12 Stoppa, Octavio Punta receiver 32
13 De Zárate, Emanuel Punta catcher 32
14 Ambrosini, Ignacio Líbero 28
16 Bersa, Ramiro Líbero 20
17 Muñoz, Ezequiel Armador 21
18 Moon, Central Nazarene 19
19 Lánger, Bruno Central 17
20 Brión, Cristian Líbero 36
Coach: Badrán, Fernando
Assistant 1: Martínez, Gastón
Assistant 2: Alaniz, Genaro
Physical trainer: Domínguez, Felipe
Statistician: Zuccón, Leandra

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The 2022 edition begins with sixteen first-rate dreams

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