Tennis: ladies set the game

It will be 14 days of tennis of the highest level. The brick dust of Tucumán Lawn Tennis will once again be cherished by international players; that of Las Lomitas, will be for the first time. Without pause, from January 31 to February 6, at the 9 de Julio park club and from February 7 to 13, at the institution at the foot of San Javier hill, the ITF Women’s tournaments will be played that will deliver $ 25,000 in prizes .

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) assigned two tournaments of that level to Argentina. There was energy from everywhere for the unprecedented event in Tucumán to take place. The captain of the Billie Jean King Cup (ex Fed Cup) team, Mercedes peace, activated the concrete plan, finally, by the accompaniment of the president of the Tucumana Tennis Association (ATT), Augusto Arquez and the remarkable acceptance of responsibility by both clubs.

Fernando Renta Mora, of the commercial area of ​​Tucumán Lawn Tennis, with the endorsement of the president Gregorio Garcia Biagosch and of Adolfo Campos, president of Las Lomitas, supported by the tennis committees of their clubs, are some of those who are already working to achieve the goal they have set for themselves.

“Convert Tucumán into the national capital of women’s tennis at the world level,” Paz was quoted as saying. It is a sort of motto for the two events that will bring together players of different nationalities whose approximate ranking will be from position 150 downwards. “Every year has a different scenario, so it is very variable,” explained “Mecha.” “They will also be able to see the national team because, taking out Nadia Podoroska, many are going to play. Lourdes Carlé, Victoria Bossio, Jazmín Ortenzi”Paz made a short list.

Both Tucumán Lawn Tennis and Las Lomitas meet the standards required by the ITF. The 12 fields of the “Benjamines” and the eight of the Yerbabuenenses, a few weeks away, only need a few touch-ups. The intention, provided that the pandemic and the protocols authorize it, is that the entrance is free. “We want the players to receive the warmth of the Tucuman who has not had an event of this hierarchy for a long time. That is why I believe that the tournaments will be very well received, “said Paz.

You have to go back 23 years to find a similar antecedent that was already accompanied by another that not only marked Tucumán, but also Argentine women’s tennis. The series of the former Fed Cup 1995 was the first that Argentina played at home and with Gabriela Sabatini already anointed as the best of all time, three years before she announced her retirement. Thousands of people accompanied the team that beat Australia 5-0 achieving promotion to the main category.

“I’m sure we are going to approve those two weeks. We want this to not be a coincidence and for Tucumán to always be an international tennis stop on the annual calendar ”, the former player hoped.

To know

The two competitions correspond to the second ranking of tournaments for insertion into professionalism. Starting at $ 125,000 in prizes, they are part of the WTA Tour. They are the prelude to the higher-ranking circuit.

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Tennis: ladies set the game

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