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At first it seemed like a chimera, and a chimera was: “Me to United States soccer? No way, no way ”.

It was almost a demotion to go away to play soccer, a league made in 1993 for soccer beginners or the evicted, those looking to earn the last bit of money for a decent retirement, or for students who saw the possibility of doing something different in their lives. .

This is the way in which the Venezuelan Alejandro Moreno arrived in 2002. It was always held that it was a good opportunity to experience a different way of life, a new culture and learn something as important as the English language. And up to there.

But as in the world everything changes, as in life everything changes, it is no longer a football that does not go “not even”, but a reality that is becoming concrete, which acquires solidity every day and in each championship , and that although it maintains the original premises of going to learn, it is also that of looking for a future in relation to money and, at the same time, having the opportunity for large teams from Europe and South America to look at their game.

Josef Martínez continues to be the vanguard, the most named Atlanta United player and the most sought-after Venezuelan; The Carabobeño has resolved his youth with the three million dollars that he earns for scoring goals by having the high consideration of being a “Franchise Player”, a status given in Major League Soccer to very few footballers.

And you have to take into consideration that this is a level that only great players have had; one of the last, with earnings that crossed the barrier of seven million dollars per season, had been the Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

In reality, the elevation of the American circuit is due more to its impeccable structure and operation than to the quality of its matches; there is still an appreciable difference.

The teams and the league itself are growing and its organization is considered as good as the best in Europe, and the stadium attendance is among the ten largest in the world, but the game has potholes that do not let it come close to the universal cream. .

That is why there are still hidden misgivings in some for coming to play soccer in this country, a certain insurmountable prejudice that they do not let pass. It is not possible to imagine figures, being figures of universal football, who are willing to show their category in “soccer”. There is still a long way to go, but as Napoleon Centeno affirmed, it is on that road.

Are you ready?

Eighteen boys born in Venezuela are spread across 13 of the 27 MLS teams. And that is a large contingent if we take into account that about ten years ago there were only two or three.

And the most important thing: several of them are members of the Vinotinto: Josef Martínez, Cristian Cásseres, Junior Moreno, José Martínez and Ronald Hernández belong to the brotherhood of the national team; in addition, there is Giovanni Savarese, Portland Timbers technical director.

In addition, there are several players in the country who break borders and make contacts to join a football that is gaining relevance: “are you ready?”.


Cosmos. Before Major League Soccer, born in 1993, a league was organized that gave it footing, with Pelé as a New York Cosmos player and a great propagandist for what was to come.

Multicultural. With players from 78 countries, it is the league with the largest number of nationalities in the world. With 41, Argentina is the one with the most presence; Brazil has 25 and Mexico 21.

Increase. The minimum salary for a footballer in MLS today is 125,875 per season, a huge difference from last year, when it only reached just over 80,000.

Popular. Two young people born in Venezuela are besieged by the people in the streets of Atlanta: Ronald Acuña, baseball figure of the Braves champions, and Josef Martínez.

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T-shirt 10 | MLS, Venezuelan soccer

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