Signed the agreement for the La Cañada golf technification center, scheduled for 2023

The City Council and the Royal Andalusian Golf Federation (RFAG) have signed today, Tuesday, an agreement for the financing of the Specialized Center for Sports Technification (CETD) in the facilities of the municipal field La Cañada. The objective is that in the summer of 2023, unique facilities in Andalusia will be operational that will make San Roque a reference point in all of Spain for the training of elite players and professionals in activities in the world of golf.

The mayor, Juan Carlos Ruiz Boix, has signed this agreement together with the president of the RFAG, Pablo Mansilla, and the president of the La Cañada Golf Club, Ángel Gutiérrez. Also participating in the signing ceremony were the Deputy Mayor for Sports, Ángel Gavino, the President of the Royal Spanish Golf Federation (RFEG), Gonzaga Escauriaza, and the Secretary General of the City Council, Ana Núñez de Cossío.

The first mayor explained that with the signing of this agreement “one of the challenges we have been working on for several years has been met.” He thanked the presence of Gonzaga Escauriaza, whom he defined as “not a signatory, but a financier” of the project, and described Pablo Mansilla, Ángel Gutiérrez and Ángel Gavino as “the drivers of this document”.

Ruiz Boix pointed out that the project places the work at an amount of 300,000 euros, contributed 50% by the City Council and the RFAG. As it is possible that the final price of the work will be lower after the public bidding, the commitment of the parties is to allocate the surplus money to equip the facilities with “state-of-the-art equipment”.

The Sanroqueño councilman recalled that the caddies of the 70s and 80s of the last century no longer come out of La Cañada, but that since the 90s the municipal golf school is the quarry of first-level male and female players, among the who cited María Parra and Álvaro Quirós. He indicated that thanks to this new technification center, the students of the Sanroqueña school and others from all over Spain, although mainly from Andalusia, will be able to improve their game considerably.

Golf technical agreement signed

Golf technical agreement signed

The mayor hopes that the work will be awarded before the end of the first semester of 2022, to which must be added the planned ten months of execution and, then, the provision of equipment. His forecast is that by the summer of 2023 the facilities may have been put into operation.

Ruiz Boix concluded by showing those present his gratitude “for having known how to resolve the many obstacles that have arisen over the years.”

Gonzaga Escauriaza, for his part, especially thanked the mayor and Ángel Gavino for their work to carry this project forward. He stressed that La Cañada, being a “subsidized field”, has generated players who have then participated in the different championships in Spain, among which he cited references such as Álvaro Quirós, María Parra and Mario Galiano.

The president of the Royal Spanish Golf Federation hopes “that we will do the job well now so that we can finish it in the summer of 2023”. He considers that the project will be welcomed by the La Cañada students “with enormous enthusiasm”, in addition to being “a boost” for the club.

Pablo Mansilla, for his part, stressed the importance of the Andalusian and Spanish City Council and federations going “hand in hand” in this project. In his opinion, “La Cañada has a long past, and it will have a long future.”

Finally, Ángel Gutiérrez, indicated that “La Cañada would be nothing without the support of the City Council and the federations”, institutions that he believes will always have the gratitude of both the almost 300 students of the municipal school and “the world of golf.”

In summary, the work will go out to tender for an amount of 300,000 euros, half of which will be a contribution from the City Council with funds from the urban agreement signed in April 2007 with Sotogrande SA. The other 150,000 euros will come from the RFAG although, if the final bidding price is lower than the one initially set, the remaining amount will go to the acquisition of equipment. If necessary, the Consistory undertakes to finance the purchase of the necessary material up to a maximum of 80,000 euros, as approved in the Ordinary Plenary session last November.

The conservation and maintenance of the center, once received, will be in charge of the La Cañada Golf Club, which will also have to finance equipment in case the price is exceeded with the amounts assigned by the City Council and the Andalusian federation. The RFAG will have at its disposal the facilities to carry out concentrations of its teams, in mutual agreement with La Cañada and depending on the annual calendar of activities.

In November 2018, the project for the Technification Center of the La Cañada Golf Club was presented, of which in Spain there is only another similar one in Madrid. The essential objective of these facilities will be to work with students from the age of 12 to achieve elite golfers prepared for high competition, as well as people academically trained to work in the field of golf. The test center will have state-of-the-art technology in its field, and it will also have an important human team.

This training center will have an area of ​​320 square meters. The building will be located on the west side of the existing practice lane, close to the current golf school, which will be demolished.

The objective of the facilities is to provide adequate spaces for the different activities that these types of centers need, all of them under a unitary roof that adapts to the different height requirements that are necessary. Thus, the height of most of the rooms will be 3.20 meters, but it will grow as you enter the swing analysis room to provide greater height to the launch area, reaching four meters.

It will consist of a main entrance with a lobby and reception from which you can access the office area, a classroom, the impact analysis area and a distributor to access the toilets. It will also have other rooms such as a warehouse, archive, a small workshop and a multipurpose room. All this surrounded by a steel perimeter, and on the outside a pergola has been designed that frames the entire building on the front that overlooks the driving range.

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Signed the agreement for the La Cañada golf technification center, scheduled for 2023

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