Seven of the Republic 2021: Buenos Aires shouted champion again – CORDOBAXV

In the development of the competition were the two teams that prevailed for their
solidity and effectiveness; Therefore, it was not surprising that Buenos Aires and Tucumán (defender of
the crown) will meet in the final of the 37th Men’s Republic Seven, organized
at the headquarters El Plumazo of the Club Estudiantes de Paraná and in the annex La Tortuguita de
Paraná Rowing Club.

The first chapter of the decisive match for the main trophy was all for the Buenos Aires team who, with three tries (Juan Lando, Iñaki Delguy, a trypenal and two conversions by Gerónimo Prisciantelli), came to the break with an appreciable advantage (19-0). But La Naranja did not give up and re-emerged in the second half; With two annotations he approached the scoreboard (14-19), until in the last minute, Iñaki Delguy found a loophole, escaped to fly into in-goal and score the consecration try that, with the conversion of Gerónimo Prisciantelli, the score was sealed. Thus, Buenos Aires beat Tucumán 26-14 and obtained the title of the 37th Seven of the Republic Copa Imperial Carlos Barbieri. The Eagles, although they are the selected one with the most consecrations in this contest (they obtained their title No. 17), they had not made the Olympic return since 2015.

After winning the final, Marcos Amorisa, a man from Los Matreros and shortlisted in Los
Pumas 7’s, commented: “It was a wonderful weekend; it is a great joy to come back
to win this important tournament. A very united group was formed and we managed to do in
the court everything we plan. The final was very tough, Tucumán is a great rival,
but luckily we were able to take care of the advantage we reached in the first half, “he said.

On the way to the title, in the knockout stage, Buenos Aires left on the way to Whose
(33-0), a Between rivers (28-7) already North East (26-17). On the decisive day, the brand new
champions defeated in the quarterfinals San Juan (31-5) and in the semifinals they beat
Santa Fe (29-19).

Hosted by Lucas Borges and Pedro Candotti, the Buenos Aires squad Aires 7’s was made up of: Tomás Acosta Pimentel Buenos Aires C&RC), Ramiro Costa (Buenos Aires C&RC), Alfonso Latorre (Buenos Aires C&RC), Joaquín Pellandini (Buenos Aires C&RC), Mariano Navarro (Pucará), Iñaki Delguy (Pucará), Marcos Amorisa (Los Matreros) , Gerónimo Prisciantelli (CASI), Jerónimo Solveyra (CASI), Francisco Pisani (Bella Vista Regattas), Juan Lando (Belgrano Athletic) and Nicolás Picasso (Banco Nación).

The coaches of La Naranja were Francisco Aráoz, Ricardo Gravano and Ezequiel Faralle, and the squad were made up of: Conrado Agüero (Huirapuca), Nicolás Alvizo (Los Tarcos), José Barros Sosa (Tucumán Lawn Tennis), Joaquín Bustos (Swimming and
Gymnastics), Luciano Cipitelli (Tucumán Lawn Tennis), Agustín Cortés (Los Tarcos),
Ramiro Giménez Lombardo (Lince RC), Lisandro Medina (Cardinals), Santiago Paz
Posse (Tucumán Rugby), Evaristo Paz (Tucumán Rugby), Miguel Romero (Huirapuca),
Gerónimo Valdez (University) and Tomás Juárez (Swimming and Gymnastics)
In the final of the Silver Cup, Entre Ríos defeated San Juan 19-7.

The coach of the Entre Ríos team was Juan Mistura, and the squad was made up of: Tomás Ferreyra (CAE), Tomás Sigura (Club Tilcara), Gastón Caire (Hindú Club), Gonzalo De Basily (CAE), Mateo Santana (CAE), Simón Bollo (CAE), Joaquín Maiztegui (CAE), Francisco Lescano (CAE), Augusto Perren (CAE), Bruno Dapit (Club Tilcara), Juan Segundo Rosas Paz (CAE) and Lautaro Cipriani (Club Tilcara).

The selected one from Jump champion of the Ascent Zone, by overcoming in the
Final to Alto Valle by 17-12. And Uruguay won the Positioning Cup, after defeating
Missions 26-7, while Cuyo won the Bronze Cup by winning the
definition to Mar del Plata by 26-12.

In the intervals of the men’s contest, also in El Plumazo, the Primer
Women’s home run in a fifteen-player format, and in the decisive match
Tucumán beat Córdoba 5-0. In the duel for third place, Andina and Entre
Ríos equaled 5-5, and Andina’s girls were third for having scored the
first try. This initiative is an advance of the program that contemplates developing the
competition among women in this modality, since women’s rugby in
our country is played in the Seven version.

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Seven of the Republic 2021: Buenos Aires shouted champion again – CORDOBAXV

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