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The former Chicago Bulls forward charged MJ for his role in the documentary. “They glorified him without giving enough praise to me and my proud teammates,” he said.

GQ magazine had access to a part of ‘Unguarded, the memoirs of Scottie Pippen’ (book that will tell his life and career and that will come out on November 9) and in a fragment of it, the former forward of the Chicago Bulls shot at Michael Jordan for his role in the documentary ‘The Last Dance’.

“The last two episodes aired on May 17. Like the previous eight, They glorified Michael Jordan without giving enough praise to me and my proud teammates. Michael deserves a lot of the blame for that.. The producers had given him editorial control of the final product. The documentary could not have been published otherwise. He was the protagonist and the director“began Pippen

In line with the objective that MJ had with the documentary, he added: “Michael was determined to show the current generation of fans that he was the greatest of all during his time, and even bigger than LeBron James, the player that many consider not only their equal, but superior. So Michael presented his story, not the story of The Last Dance. “

Michael Jordan Scottie Pippen

“How dare Michael treat us like that after all we did for him and his precious brand? Michael Jordan would never have been Michael Jordan without me, Horace Grant, Toni Kukoc, John Paxson, Steve Kerr, Dennis Rodman, Bill Cartwright, Ron Harper, BJ Armstrong, Luc Longley, Will Perdue, and Bill Wennington. I apologize to everyone I left out ”, He said he is considered one of the best 75 basketball players in the NBA throughout history.

And he added: “Every episode was the same. Michael on a pedestal, his junior teammates, the message was no different than when he referred to us back then as his ‘supporting cast’. From one season to the next, we received little or no credit each time we won; most of the criticism when we lost ”.

The Last Dance

Finally, Pippen said that he is not the only one who is upset and for this he gave a clear example. “To make matters worse, Michael received $ 10 million for his role in the documentary, while my teammates and I did not earn a penny, another reminder of the hierarchical order of the old days ”, sentenced.

His reaction to watching ‘The Last Dance’

Scottie had access to the documentary before the premiere thanks to ESPN and revealed what his feeling was at the moment he observed everything detailed above.

I could not believe what I was watching. Over and over again, the spotlight shone on number 23. Even in the second episode, which focused for a time on my difficult upbringing and unlikely path to the NBA, the narrative returned to MJ and his determination to win.“he stated and added: I was just an accessory. His ‘best teammate of all time’ called me. I couldn’t have been more condescending if I had tried. “

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Scottie Pippen liquidated Michael Jordan for The Last Dance: “How do I …” – TyC Sports

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