Purcell: It is unpresentable that the person chosen as the best national hockey player is not a Chilean player

In conversation with the Research Unit of Radio Bío Bío, the hockey deputy captain revealed several details of what could have happened regarding the award that was given to a stranger.

Although he does congratulate “the athletes who were chosen as the best in their disciplines. As a selected, I understand the tremendous effort they make to achieve their goals and find a space in the press to make themselves known and for everyone to know about their achievements and challenges. Being nominated by CPD Chile is a great support for sports careers and we appreciate any recognition that the media can make ”.

-This year the chosen one was Pedro Schimdt Who is he and why do you think he was chosen

We don’t know who Pedro Schmidt is. We asked different groups of “hockey players” and the Field Hockey Federation to find out if he is a minor category player and they also had no registration.

We investigated a little more and realized that CPD Chile based its decision on a story from the Pan American Junior Hockey 2021 in which, erroneously, the Chilean goalkeeper is referred to using the name of the Argentine goalkeeper “Pedro Schmitt”.

-Why do you think the error happened? Do you think this would have happened in a sport that has greater visibility in the country such as soccer, tennis or golf?

That is exactly the problem: if this award depends on the visibility of the athletes, then we will continue in a vicious circle every time sports that “sell” more are prioritized over the many others in which Chile competes locally and internationally. . In Men’s Lawn hockey we have players in renowned European clubs and they were certainly not on the payroll for this award because they have never had this visibility.

-What does it mean that the people who cover this topic do not know Chilean athletes?

I believe that This situation shows the unprofessionalism that CPD Chile gives to this award when voting for athletes.

I wonder where the “lesser known” sports candidates will come from and how they will inform themselves when it comes to voting. Worse still, in the news they try to validate their award by saying that this distinction is “awarded (to athletes) by those who follow their trajectory daily, recognizing technical performance, achievements and objectives achieved during the year.” If it weren’t for this error in the news on 8/28 where they confuse the Chilean goalkeeper with the Argentine, we would not enter into this “methodology of choice.”

It is a pity that some sports journalists do not understand the fundamental role they play in supporting the development of other sports – I mean those that are not football – and continue to focus only on what “sells”. It is time (a long time ago) to give visibility to all those tournaments and competitions for which the national selected athletes dedicate our lives to raising the flag of our country, knowing that only our families and close friends will find out.

We only ask that, as we strive in each training, they strive to find out who they vote for and, if possible, cover the achievements (and losses) that we obtain in our disciplines.

-Do you think this can question and re-evaluate this type of recognition?

Undoubtedly! I hope that CPD Chile assumes that this is not a “typing error” but rather a structural error in the system they have for voting. Especially in the period of presidential elections, where you have to inform yourself before voting, it is unpresentable that the person chosen by the Men’s Field Hockey is not a Chilean field hockey player and that his name has arisen as a result of an error by another journalist in the news before mentioned.
This award is very important to us. Having a Condor in the team is a giant mental support and it is one of the few instances that we have to make ourselves known and recognized. This award must continue to exist, but making the choices responsibly.

-In January the Copa América hockey is played, after what happened. Do you expect greater recognition from the sports world?

I hope that sports journalists will dare to cover field hockey and the many other sports in which our country is represented internationally. I hope they are covering the Copa América to be played in Santiago, from January 19, 2022, that they investigate our sport and who we are who day by day we strive to leave Chile at the top. In this Copa América we are going for 2 places in the World Cup and we need the support of everyone, each one from his role: our families and friends are with us every day and will be in the stands in January. Where will the journalists be?

When consulting what happened to the CPD, President Danilo Díaz explains that “it is an error that occurred from the collection of information from colleagues who collaborate with us in the background check. On the federation’s website, which we give you, there is information that suggests that a player was the figure of the tournament, but he is not Chilean. Yesterday the company that advises the federation communicationally contacted us and made us see the error. The federation gave us the data and we have already defined the winner of the best grass hock player of 2021

And they revealed that the athlete who won the recognition in field hockey 2021 is Andrés Pizarro, captain of the Under 21 Men’s National Team.

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Purcell: It is unpresentable that the person chosen as the best national hockey player is not a Chilean player

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