‘Pitch and Putt’: four courses to start playing golf in Malaga

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The arrival of an athlete at the top of his category always arouses people’s interest. Step with Reef Nadal and tennis, with Fernando Alonso and motorsport, with the basketball team and this year, after the victory at the US Open, it has happened with Jon Rahm. The lion of Barrika, first Spanish to get this opened, has put the spotlight on golf.

Despite what it may seem, going out and playing the 18 holes that make up a course is not an easy task. It requires hours of practice and training that, on many occasions, are not rewarded until too much time passes. However, for all those people who are beginning to familiarize themselves with the irons, woods and driver, there is an adapted modality: pitch and putt courses.

Holes of less extension (between 40 and 120 meters) that receive their name from the two main clubs with which they are played: the pitch and putt, although you can also use short irons (8 and 9) and wedges to complete the bag. The existing offer in the province It is wide and varied (12 courses), with a wide range of alternatives for players depending on their abilities. Here are some options if you want to enjoy a day of golf in Malaga.

Car car golf

Located in Benalmádena, this complex is characterized by the presence of olive trees, fruit trees and a lake that supports the distribution of the flags. With distances ranging between 42 and 115 meters, the variety of landscapes extends throughout its 18 holes (par 54). The constant presence of the sea to the south and the mountains to the north predominates, being appreciable the Mediterranean from the tee of the first three holes.

“The central part of the course has a river skirting the field, which will require the player to have an excellent control of the force due to its smaller greens,” they explain from the club.

Benalmádena golf

It is a course that combines the necessary characteristics so that beginners and experienced golfers can play, due to the precision required by their short game. The 9 holes (par 27), between 46 and 100 meters, are distributed in a circular way, favoring “fast play” and without wasting time in “unnecessary displacements”: “In just one hour can be done the complete route “, underline from Benalmádena golf.

Among the accidents, there is a small lake of recycled water and a grove made up mainly of stone pines. It also has tee of practices.

Guadalhorce golf club

Located in Campanillas (Cártama road), it is a Par 3 field where golf tournaments are held. pitch and putt, whose extension does not exceed 120 meters in any hole. If the Guadalhorce is characterized by something, it is by its orography: very flat fairways, of medium difficulty, with small greens and two lakes that bathe almost all the flags. The shortened version of this field has a total of 1,634 meters.

Miguel Ángel Jiménez golf academy

This course was designed by the Malaga golfer himself. Located in the La Colina urbanization (Torremolinos), Miguel Ángel Jiménez devised a golf course in which experience and imagination have been determining factors for the distribution of the flags. The result of this is hole 7. The Malaga player copied Augusta’s 12th hole as a nod to the American layout, baptizing it under the name of Heartaches.

“The facility is located on an area of ​​seven hectares with slight undulations of the land, parallel to the railway section that connects Malaga with Fuengirola. The pitch and putt it occupies more than 30,000 square meters, and 16,000 the driving range “, they highlight.

The holes have a distance that ranges between 54 and 128 meters, having all the outings with natural grass. In addition, it has two artificial lakes connected to each other and present in several holes, as well as nine bunkers along the route; obstacles that force an increase in the precision of the players.

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‘Pitch and Putt’: four courses to start playing golf in Malaga

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